If more women participate in Web 3 explanation, there will be greater adoption, says specialist

Women continue to win spaces in the cryptocurrency, web3 and blockchain sector. This was embodied in the first edition of the ETHSantiago 2022 event, which was held yesterday, September 23, in the capital of Chile. During the event, the potential of women in the cryptocurrency space was discussed. For Chilean Graciela Castro, a cryptocurrency trader, … Read more

Police raid on 6 Bitcoin exchanges in Brazil wrapped in investigation

Police authorities in Brazil have carried out raids on six bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchanges in the South American country, which have been involved in an investigation into allegations of money laundering and tax evasion. According to a document issued by the Brazilian Information Service, the name of the procedure is “Operation Giant”. It is … Read more

What will be the ultimate solution for scaling Ethereum?

Key facts: Something has to be sacrificed between speed, security and decentralization with side chains. Rollups are not final solutions, but they enhance the usability of major networks. The scalability of Ethereum was the main topic of Patricio López’s presentation at the ETHSantiago 2022 conference session. Andes Blockchain founder and former Director of Technical Projects … Read more

Experts point out that Argentina is a fertile ground for the growth of DAOs

Key facts: DAOs change social structures, says economist Simon Espinola. For founder Andino DAO, it is through this technology that the learning process is accelerated. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have gained an important space in Latin societies. This was expressed by some specialists at the ETH Santiago conference, which took place yesterday, September 23 in … Read more

Real-world asset coding creates new business models

Key facts: Professionals met to discuss this topic on the first day of the ETH Santiago Conference. At the moment, the current regulatory framework contains many gray areas. Asset token industry professionals agree that it is important to have a regulatory framework in place that favors this growing business. This is how they expressed themselves … Read more

Why should banks adapt to bitcoin and cryptocurrency? The lawyer responds

Key facts: For Carolina Vesa, it doesn’t make sense for the AML regulation to exclude exchanges. International organizations suggest that banks manage risks, but do not avoid them entirely. Chilean lawyer Carolina Vesa emphasized that banks must update and adapt to new technologies, as well as regulations. As part of the ETH Santiago conference, the … Read more

Analyst wonders what will move the price of Bitcoin now

Everything happened this year regarding the Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency market. From the massive collapse of LUNA and Terra USD to the recent merger into Ethereum, going through war and the global inflationary crisis. Now what will move the price of Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency? This is the question that market analyst … Read more

Experts reveal that this is why you haven’t been able to make money all these years

Key facts: “Education is lacking,” experts in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). They expect the world to transition from traditional finance to DeFi within 10-15 years. What is missing in Latin America that there is as much investment, in assets and especially in cryptocurrencies, as there is in the United States? It is estimated that 50% of … Read more