What Your Customers Now Want in 2021

The biggest question many small business owners ask is what my customer wants now in 2021? Most companies were turned upside down during the 2020 pandemic and had to change their products or how they were delivered.

On this week’s Small Business Radio Show, Gordon Henry, Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of Thryv, discusses small business technology trends in the United States this year and how they can be used.

An interview with Gordon Henry of Thrive

Gordon says small business cloud adoption has increased from 30% to 60% for all customer operations. These apps can be used in a small investment from month to month. According to Gordon, this modernization and automation of small business processes has become a must-have for every company. Consumer expectations have risen in the last year as they want to be able to instantly track where everything is; For example, when Uber arrives or ships their products.

Gordon describes how marketing automation enables every small business to send personalized email to all of your customers like their birthday or any other important times. It also allows for appointment confirmation so employees won’t show up if the customer is not around. Marketing automation can also ask for all the important referrals or review when your small business is at the top of a client’s interests.

However, Gordon also mentions the proliferation of cloud applications in small businesses. Many companies have too many cloud applications that do not communicate with each other (such as sales, marketing, and billing). He suggests using a tool that has a single dashboard so that it can display everything to a single customer.

One of the biggest trends that Gordon sees is corporate transparency. “They want to see how the sausage is made. With the live broadcast, you can show customers how to do things and increase the relationship with them.” He says your brand is the customer experience and not just the service or product you offer. For example, “Do you respond quickly and show up on time? Are you wearing a mask and clean clothes? Have you made their payments on your phone or is the customer waiting for a bill from us?”

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