Following Pandemic, “Starting a Business” Now on More Bucket Lists

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of work and life, including giving people the momentum to start their own businesses. Fenetic Wellbeing, a provider of mobility aids to support independent living, has researched what’s on the lists of people after the pandemic. The study involved gathering over 100 bucket list ideas and comparing bucket … Read more

How a Tweet from Oprah Created $1M in Orders

Can You Really Build a Company on a Recommendation from Oprah Winfrey? Well yes you can! On this week’s Small Business Radio Show, Gloria L Williams revealed at Footnanny how her brand exploded after a tweet from Oprah. She’s been her manicurist for many years and since then has been featured in Oprah’s favorite things … Read more

New Data Reveals the Best Dog Breeds for Remote Workers

Telework can be a lonely ungrateful task, leaving those who work from home craving company and affection. While walking, the small, fluffy Shih Tzus puppy praised the best breed of dog for remote workers. The rate of purchase of pets, and dogs in particular, has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. Dog shelters, rescue centers and … Read more

58% Regret Making Purchases on Buy Now-Pay Later Terms

When it comes to buying now and paying later, consumers seem to have a love / hate relationship with the deal. Research shows that more than half of customers regret buying something with Buy Now and Pay later terms. However, at the same time, 60% of consumers admit to making purchases through this type of … Read more

Why is an LLC so Popular? Watch This Free Webinar to Find Out

A Limited Liability Company or Limited Liability Company as it is more commonly known is one of the most popular business entities for entrepreneurs. This is especially true for first-time business owners. In addition to tax benefits, a LLC protects company members from personal liability for business debts. If the business does not operate as … Read more

Scott Wilder of HubSpot: Community Engagement is Playing a Tremendous Role in Digital Transformation Efforts

I’ve known Scott Wilder for fifteen years or so. And at that time (and even earlier) he led community building efforts at major tech brands like Adobe, Apple, Google, Intuit, and Marketo. He is now spearheading HubSpot’s engagement and community building efforts. Earlier this week, I and Scott had a live chat on LinkedIn about … Read more

In the News: Small Businesses Expect Revenue Growth in 2021

People are emerging slowly but surely as an increasing number of the population is vaccinated. Ultimately this will improve the revenue of many small businesses. The Bank of America Small Business Owners Report for 2021 revealed that 60% of small businesses agree with this view, indicating that they expect their revenue to grow in 2021. … Read more

Rising Healthcare Cost Blamed for Slowed Small Business Growth

89% of small businesses think the cost of prescription drugs is too high. 55% of small businesses providing health care coverage to employees say high costs hinder growth opportunities. 63% of small business owners have an unfavorable view of pharmaceutical companies. These negative beliefs about drug and healthcare preparation in the United States are revealed … Read more