What Business Phone Systems Features Do You Need?

If you’re working from a home office or working on-site, you need a phone system that fits. A phone system that fits is one that has the features you need right now. The phone system should also have features you may need in the future. Why Phone System Features are So Important Many phone system … Read more

What Types of Businesses Should be LLCs?

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How to Start a Beekeeping Business

Starting a beekeeping business – called beekeeping – involves simple steps. First, educate yourself about basic bee biology. How many rooms do you need? What are the times for local nectar production? After that, you will discover what equipment you need. They are essential. Of course, bees and beehives. Some simple tools for preserving bee … Read more

The Average Cost of a Cyber Attack on a Small Business is More than $25,000

When it comes to cyber attacks, small business doesn’t mean small costs. Over the past twelve months, the average financial cost of a cyberattack on a small US company has been £ 25,612. This statistic was revealed by Hiscox’s Cyber ​​Readiness Report 2021. Hiscox, the international specialist insurer, surveyed more than 6,000 professionals from the … Read more

What is RebateKey and Why Your Business Should Use It

RebateKey is an excellent marketing tool that provides businesses on a web platform like Walmart or Amazon ways to offer thousands of discounts and rewards on their products and brands for an opportunity to attract more customers. Buyers benefit from the lower cost of the products they buy, while sellers benefit from increasing their sales … Read more

Do You Schedule Breaks in Your Work Day? There’s a Good Chance They Get Interrupted Anyway

When working remotely and having to manage your time, it’s not uncommon to overlook breaks. A new survey by online scheduling platform Doodle confirmed the mass neglect of the U.S. workforce for breaks. 72% of American employees admit to being less stressful by blocking their calendars. Despite this, only 14% of workers said they were … Read more

Best Promotional Items for Your Brand

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Promotional items are useful items with a company name, logo or message designed and printed on it to increase brand awareness among consumers. Promotional items are a great marketing tool because they allow your brand to connect with … Read more

Zoho CRM: From Post-It-Notes to High Level Service

Premier Ophthalmic has been providing optical office equipment sales and services for over 20 years. Around the same time Zoho started to take shape. The two companies’ travels have intersected for more than a decade. Read more about the story behind Premier Ophthalmic and how they shaped their operations with clearly defined systems in the … Read more

The Best Home Office Phones

Working remotely proved one irrefutable fact to many. The fact is that the existing house phone with an answering machine was not up to the task of becoming the office phone. In fact, many homes no longer have the traditional landline phone systems with a phone line. Instead, residents are using a mobile phone or … Read more