Derek Andersen of Bevy: From Employees to Advisors to Investors We Want to be the Most Diverse Company in Tech

No technology is hotter at the moment than virtual event platforms, as the pandemic is accelerating their growth exponentially. swarm It is no exception as its virtual events platform is experiencing excessive growth in line with the industry. But where Bevy is absolutely exceptional is the way she has placed diversity and inclusion at the … Read more

11 Restaurant Reservation Apps – Small Business Trends

Today’s diners want a seamless experience, beginning with making their reservation. Hence the high demand for online reservation systems. Typically in the format of an app, these online reservation systems enable customers to manage bookings digitally. Using a restaurant reservation app is important to help restaurant businesses meet evolving demands for greater convenience and improved … Read more

In the News: Small Businesses add a Whopping 235K Jobs in April

Since the pandemic first appeared its ugly head in 2020, it has devastated the global economy. Tens of millions of jobs have been lost and many companies have collapsed. But with so many vaccines in the pipeline now, the economy is starting to pick and that includes employment numbers. In April, small businesses contributed 235,000 … Read more

Check Out These Must-Have Home Office Accessories

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. There are many small business owners who operate entirely from their homes. Add to that the recent growth of remote workers due to the epidemic and the number has increased exponentially. This highlights the need to have the … Read more

Laurent Ournac Bitcoin Profit Review mais est-ce légitime?

DOSSIER SPECIAL: Le dernier investissement de Laurent Ournac a des experts en crainte et les grandes banques terrorisées Laurent Ournac Bitcoin Les citoyens français touchent déjà des millions d’euros en utilisant cette “échappatoire richesse” — mais est-ce légitime? Laurent Ournac viens avec un nouvel investissement secret qui permet de rendre des centaines de personnes riches … Read more

Small Businesses Add 235,000 Jobs in April

The ADP National Employment Report for April shows that small businesses added a whopping 235,000 jobs for the month. April’s numbers continue to keep five-figure growth in new hires across the US by small businesses, and March saw 174,000 new nonfarm hires. Overall, the job market across the country has seen around 742,000 new employees … Read more

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Read “Choose Your Customer”

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How to Sell a Business

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. You have specific steps to take if you’re ready to sell your business. Even if you’re just thinking about selling your business, you should start taking those steps now. That’s because you’ll need concrete and detailed records to … Read more