Senada K. Brings Passion and Beauty Secrets to the Wedding Industry

If you will be working with brides on their wedding day, it pays to be passionate about your work. Senada K. definitely fits this template. She even worked with a bride on the day she went into labour.

Read on to learn more about this bridal hairstylist, her journey, and the sexy beauty tactic she uses with brides.

What does work

Provides luxury bridal and celebrity hairdressing services.

Founder Senada K Sika told Small Business Trends, “Over the course of my years in the wedding and beauty industry, I’ve worked with countless people on one of the most important days of their lives. I’ve grown in love with the art of hairdressing and bringing my vision to life.”

business standing

Create a unique and personalized look.

Says Sica, “One of the things I’ve been known to do over my competitors is spicing up different hairstyles, setting new trends, and really working from the heart. You should have a good eye for a bridal look bearing in mind that every bride is different, different faces, and traditions.” , and different experiences in general!”

How did it start

as a side hustle.

Sica adds, “I started working in the beauty business when I was 20, and started a salon while taking house calls at the same time. I started the freelance bridal business later in my career, and since then it has been amazing and such a blessing.”

the biggest challenge

Navigating a pandemic.

Says Sika: “When the coronavirus hit, it had an impact on the wedding industry, as there was a huge slowdown in weddings due to external conditions. Fortunately now everything is slowly getting back to normal, so happy to be doing bridal business again!”

biggest danger

Work hard even during pregnancy.

Sica says, “The night I went into labor, I had a bride that morning!”

Lesson learned

Treasure every experience.

Sikka explains, “Everything I’ve been through, I’ve been through for a reason. I’m so grateful for the people I’ve met throughout this experience, the brands I’ve worked with, the moments I’ve shared, and the accomplishments I’ve made along the way, they’ve been truly invaluable.”

How did they spend the extra $100,000

Product development.

Ceka says, “If I had an extra $100,000 in my business, I would definitely create products and tools for my own line!”

Fun fact

An interesting beauty tactic.

Ceka identifies, “The funny, interesting thing about my job is that I use crazy gum on my brides’ ears to hold them back!”

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