Office Workers Among Those Most Likely to Favor Smart Lockers to Get Packages Securely

According to a new study from Pitney Bowes, office workers are more likely to prefer smart lockers to get packages securely. Millennials and city dwellers are also part of this group that sees the benefit of using smart lockers.

Office workers and smart lockers

As employers and employees look for ways to improve the workplace, the work/business environment is changing. One of the ways this change is happening is by having smart lockers in the workplace.

In the Pitney Bowes study, one in five respondents would prefer receiving packages in the workplace than at home. The number rises to one in three for millennials. More than half, or 54%, say they would use smart lockers, parcels in the office, or pick up equipment. And 67% would do so to pick up expensive orders.

Business use doesn’t stop for packages inside the office, either. More than half (56%) also said they would use smart lockers for packages, documents or work-related equipment (55%). The same amount (55%) say they will use smart lockers for daily online orders.

Another point to keep in mind is the return of workers to the office after the pandemic. “As restrictions are lifted and organizations reopen their premises, fewer workers will be at home delivering deliveries. Smart lockers provide a safe, touch-free, efficient, enterprise and enjoyable experience for users,” said Pitney Bowes, Vice President, SendTech Parcel and Locker Innovation, in the statement. .

Reasons to use smart lockers

The biggest reason people like smart lockers is contactless delivery/receiving at (54%) with 47% saying they like the option to pick up delivery instead of waiting for delivery. And they use it for various reasons, which include the same reasons mentioned above plus groceries (20%).

While these are good reasons, the safety and security of the packages they buy dominate the reasons. This includes health safety concerns as 56% said they wanted to shop without contact due to the pandemic. But security reasons address stolen packages (53%) and privacy for packages they request (49%). This issue is very significant and 30% say they will pay extra for the security of having the package delivered to a smart locker instead of their front door.

Not surprisingly, on the issue of security, 73% of urban consumers show a higher propensity for smart lockers. It drops slightly for suburban residents at 65% and goes as high as 57% for rural respondents.

Beyond security, millennials are tackling many useful use cases for smart lockers. Nearly three in four, or 73%, say they are satisfied with its use because it helps reduce their carbon footprint. Another 64% said there was less room for human error, and 62% said they would care more if they had to return to the office after the pandemic.

Take a look at the Pitney Bowes infographic for more information:

Photo: Pitney Bowes

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