SBA Administrator Says “Billions” Still Available in COVID Relief Money for Small Business

In an interview with Yahoo, US Small Business Administration (SBA) Director Isabella Casillas Guzman revealed that there are still billions of dollars available in COVID relief money for small businesses. Guzman adds that small businesses can take advantage of the various pandemic stimulus programs and supplemental grants that the federal government is still providing. Billions … Read more

Restaurants Still Battling a Chicken Shortage in 2021

Poultry is scarce, which is why restaurants are battling a shortage of chicken this year. Record-breaking winter storms in the south-central United States were behind the issue. The pandemic’s high demand has also dampened the supply of favorite products such as chicken wings. Small Business Trends reached out to restaurateurs to find out how they’re … Read more

SBA Says Supplemental Grants Available for SVOG Recipients

The Small Business Administration (SBA) says supplemental money awards for Indoor Space Operators Grant (SVOG) recipients will start coming out in two weeks. As an SVOG award recipient, you can now apply for supplemental SVOG funds to alleviate any additional financial hardship caused by the pandemic. Supplementary Scholarships for SVOG Recipients The SVOG Supplemental Awards … Read more

McDonald’s May Close Dining Rooms Again Due to Rising COVID Cases

Just as some McDonald’s franchisees finally got to reopen their dining rooms to customers for the first time in more than a year, they may be shutting down again. Reuters reported that it has seen internal documents and memos indicating that McDonald’s will direct franchisees in areas with steadily escalating COVID cases to close dining … Read more

The Second Most Popular Online Marketplace May Surprise You

It’s easy to guess the most popular online marketplace because it grabbed some headlines here and there, but the second most popular market might not be so obvious. The answer is surprising because it’s an e-commerce site that focuses on handmade or antique items and craft supplies. What’s particularly interesting is that while major brands … Read more

Women’s Business Centers Get $2.7 Million in SBA Grants

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has issued 14 grants to organizations across the United States in an effort to improve delivery, training, and support for women-owned businesses affected by Covid-19. Each scholarship awarded is equivalent to up to $200,000. They are part of the Demonstrating Resilience and Recovery from Women’s Business Centers (WBC) scholarship under … Read more

Are Vaccine Mandates the Future of the Franchise?

With the COVID delta variant emerging and with up to 30% of the US population reluctant or unwilling to take the vaccine, is it time for private companies to act by making it a requirement for their employees? On a small business radio show this week, self-proclaimed “King of Franchise” Joel Lebava believes that asking … Read more

38% of Remote Workers Routinely Work from Their Bed

A new survey from CraftJack reveals that 38% of remote workers regularly work from their beds. And while working out of bed may have its benefits, the disadvantages far outweigh them. This specific data set shows that many remote workers are still not putting together a proper workspace or home office. Working remotely from bed … Read more

2021 Remote Work Trends – Small Business Trends

As 2021 begins to come to an end, it’s clear that the shift towards remote working will remain. Companies continue to be hesitant around bringing employees back in full-time, and employees are similarly reticent to come back to the office. Nevertheless, working remotely offers many benefits, and many trends have emerged in its wake, signaling … Read more