The Fate of Gig Workers Still Not Clear in California

This week, a judge ruled California’s Proposition 22 unconstitutional — so what now? “Proposition 22 unlawfully limits the power of the future legislature to define application-based drivers as workers, subject to workers compensation laws,” California Supreme Court Justice Frank Roach said in the ruling. Gig economy workers and/or independent contractors do not have the same … Read more

Cheapest Places to Buy Boxes for Your Small Business

Whether you’re shipping products to customers, storing files, or moving, your small business needs boxes. The cost of boxes and packing materials can add up, however, making them an expense that cuts into your bottom line. This go-to guide contains our top picks for the cheapest place to buy boxes and shipping supplies. We also … Read more

Walmart GoLocal is a White Label Delivery Service for Small Businesses

Walmart recently announced a new delivery service, GoLocal, to help businesses of all sizes deliver their merchandise to customers. Walmart GoLocal will call upon the expertise and experience of a multinational retailer in delivering merchandise to its customers. By creating this white label delivery service, Walmart hopes to continue building alternative income sources and revenue … Read more

Back to School Tax Breaks for Your Employees

August and September … the time when the school year for children begins. But it’s also a time to think about how you can help your employees increase their education and training. It has been mentioned Retention rates go from 30% to 50% for companies with strong educational cultures. Tax credits may support your efforts. … Read more

Best Shopify Themes for Small Businesses

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Shopify’s e-commerce platform helps businesses to hosts and run their online stores. It helps you to organize your online store’s layout through the use of templates or themes. With these Shopify themes, you can create beautiful and mobile-friendly online stores with … Read more

Judge Rules California Proposition 22 is Unconstitutional – So Now What?

A California Supreme Court judge struck down Proposition 22 — also called the Gig Workers Act — and ruled it unconstitutional. Proposition 22’s most vocal proponent were owners of state “passenger transportation” companies such as Uber and Lyft. Prop 22 also includes freelance workers called “gig economy workers”. Uber and Lyft are spending more than … Read more