10 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself and Your Business

Entrepreneurs always care about their business. But some forget to do the little things to take care of themselves. Sometimes entrepreneurship self-care can mean doing things in a simpler or easier way to save time or reduce stress. Here are tips from members of the online small business community for entrepreneurs interested in self-care.

Sleep better at night

A good night’s sleep is important to all humans, but especially to entrepreneurs who want to improve energy and brain power. Lisa Sicard offers sleep improvement tips to improve business productivity in this Small Biz Tipster post. BizSugar members shared additional ideas in the community.

Find the best times to send emails

No entrepreneur wants to waste time on ineffective communication. If you send a lot of work emails, you want to read and respond to them right away. For the best times to achieve this goal, read this Respona post by Payman Taei.

Consider incorporating AI into your company

Technology can save a lot of time for small business owners. But you need to use the right tools to reap the benefits without taking additional risks. Artificial intelligence offers a lot of opportunities, which Emily Johnson details in this MyTechMag post.

Supporting neurodiversity in the workplace

Diverse workplaces bring a lot of new ideas and can help people from all backgrounds feel comfortable at work. Neurodiversity means welcoming people with neurological differences. Read about this concept and how it benefits businesses in this GoCo post by Nikhil Bender.

Learn from these YouTube marketing channels

Business owners should always keep learning. Marketing concepts are constantly evolving. It is therefore important to find sources of information that are current and full of new ideas. This 99signals post by Sandeep Mallya includes 15 YouTube marketing channels.

Speak without fear

It’s normal to feel a little nervous when you’re talking to a crowd. However, you don’t want to feel a lot of stress every time you talk about your work. Learning to speak without fear can make life simpler. Learn how to do it in this channel strip marketing post by Sarah Nye.

Hacking writer’s block with these techniques

Writer’s block can be frustrating for bloggers and entrepreneurs. However, there are tools that can help you hack. Anthony Gainzel lists some in this Moss Media post. BizSugar members shared additional ideas here.

Read these books to improve your marketing

Reading can be a perfect way to relax, while still learning something that might help your business. If you want to get better at marketing, read this Einstein Marketer post by Josh Barney which includes several books to help.

Improve your business with website traffic

Growing a business with limited web traffic can be very stressful. Once you attract people to your site on a daily basis, it becomes easier to relax and focus on other things. In this SmallBizTechnology post, Becca Williams explains why web traffic is so important.

Be a better remote leader

Remote work is here to stay for many organizations. This can improve work-life balance for the business and their team – but only if it’s done right. Jace Valerie details how to adapt your leadership style to this type of work in this Workast post.

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