How To Leverage IoT for B2B Marketing and CX in 2021

The world of marketing is an ever-changing landscape and B2B companies have their own unique marketing challenges. Contemporary B2B buyers and CEOs are typically highly tech-savvy, highly productive, and skeptical of all RFPs. Fortunately, with the rapid rise in technological advancement over the past two decades, marketers have more options than ever before. The only … Read more

SBA Announces National Small Business Week Virtual Summit Event Schedule

The schedule of events has been announced for the National Small Business Week virtual summit hosted by the Small Business Administration (SBA) September 13-15. The theme of the summit will be “Celebrating Resilience and Renewal” to honor more than 30 million small businesses in the United States. In addition to highlighting the resilience of American … Read more

52 Easy Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. If you’re running a craft business, the holiday season can be huge for sales. There are plenty of Christmas crafts that can help you increase sales and secure profits during this time of year. Here are a few … Read more

Gold Star Logistics Group Helps More Entrepreneurs Enter the Industry

Freight logistics can be a tough industry to get into – especially for underrepresented groups such as women. But one female-owned company, Gold Star Logistics Group, wants to change that. Find out how the company is helping more people start highlighting this week’s small business. What does work Provides freight and transportation services. Services include: … Read more

Micro-entrepreneurs Get $5.2 Million in PRIME Business Grants

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) has awarded 27 grant awards to the Small Entrepreneur Investment Program (PRIME) organizations. PRIME business grants equal a total of $5.2 million. Young Entrepreneurs Received $5.2 Million in PRIME Business Grants The PRIME Scholarship Awards are designed to support nonprofit organizations focused on helping low-income entrepreneurs obtain adequate funding … Read more

The Ultimate Marketing Engine Puts Customers First

Content freshness benefit An interactive book that takes small business owners through a customer-centric marketing process If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. One of our local restaurants was closed because the owners were retired and decided to take an extended vacation in Europe. I’m … Read more

Cheapest Way to Send Money for Small Businesses

In our technology-driven world, it is important to find the cheapest way to send money between small businesses in different locations. This blog will guide you through the different methods you can use to send money internationally, to another state, or locally. Money transfer services are critical for small businesses. They help brick and mortar … Read more

13 Signs It’s Time to Expand Your Business Operations

One of the most important milestones for any business is the day it reaches its point of expansion. While every business owner looks forward to the day when they can grow their business, it is important not to rush into doing so. Successful business expansion depends on a number of factors and must be implemented … Read more

16 Tips for Managing Remote Workers

With more work becoming remote, there have been additional challenges for managers looking to keep teams productive and happy. Successfully managing remote workers can be challenging, but it can be incredibly rewarding and lead to a happier team if given the right tools and resources. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to managing remote … Read more

New Delta Variant Cases Mean Less Business Travel

The new delta variant is increasing the number of COVID-19 cases. According to a new survey conducted on behalf of the American Hotel and Residence Association (AHLA), 67% of business travelers plan to take fewer trips because of it. Fewer business trips due to the delta variable Other than the 67% who will take fewer … Read more