Zoho Bigin Provides Calm Waters for Island Sailing Club

Klaus erhielt für seine ersten zwei Wochen auf Bitcoin Era einen Scheck über 4.500 €.

Founded in 1979, Island Sailing School & Club has been training seafarers for over 40 years. But like many companies over the past 18 months, the COVID pandemic has presented a truly unique challenge. With the help of Zoho Bigin, Island Sailing was able to meet this challenge. Located on Tomahawk Island, on the edge … Read more

Boost Your Ecommerce Business Sales With This Holiday Tips Ebook

If you’re running a retail e-commerce business, it’s never too early to start thinking about the holiday shopping season. With the competition in the e-business market getting more and more competitive every year, especially in the holiday shopping season, you need to do more than ever to stay competitive and keep increasing sales this year. … Read more

Small Businesses Add 81,000 Jobs from July to August

The labor market saw a downward turn in recovery during August, compared to significant job growth during the first half of 2021. Private sector jobs increased by 374,000 jobs from July to August 2021, which includes 86,000 small business gains. That’s according to statistics from the ADP National Employment Report August 2021. According to Neela … Read more

57% of Small Business Employees Concerned for Their Mental Health

More than half (57%) of small business employees expressed concern about their mental health. This was the result of a report released by MetLife, providers of insurance, pension and employee benefit programs. Adapting to a shifting workforce The MetLife report “How Small Businesses Can Adapt to a Transformation of the Workforce” examines how the dynamics … Read more