Impact real estate investment: The Palleter Building, by Designable

June 1, 2021

building pollution. And a lot. Only one occupation 3% From the Earth’s surface, is responsible for 75% of global carbon dioxide emissions. As if that wasn’t enough, adding to that is his consumption 40% of energy who was created and 30% water which are consumed all over the world. Numbers that show us the urgent need to find Greener solutions for the construction sector.

From this challenge the project was born designable. through his model crowd building, the Valencian company founded by Andrés Perales and Pablo Bertolin has a mission to make live in the city, in home a personality and shape sustainable.

Five years and two buildings behind them, Designable is now presenting its third project, The peltier building. A different investment opportunity than what we usually offer on Bolsa Social: it’s our first Real estate promotion for sustainable homes.

Design real estate investment
Designed building model

the crowd buildingAnd A leading real estate investment product

designable He was born in 2016 with a very clear goal: to make city living possible, in a personal home and protect the planet. Through a pioneering investment model called crowd building Valencian creates neighborhood communities and connects them with landowners to develop bespoke buildings for new construction in cities.

the East real estate investment product It is very common in countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. Its main goal is to benefit all actors involved in the promotion: Citizens They have access to high-quality housing in city centers, friends of land can be sold quickly and at fair prices and Architects They get projects with profitable and secure contracts.

In this case, the Valencian company He wanted to offer an opportunity to jointly invest in the building, Once you buy homes. This allows small investors Allocate capital for upgrades before starting construction, with a minimum ticket of 1,000 euros.

Designed by Andres Perales Pablo Bertolin
Pablo Bertolin and Andres Perales, founders of Designable

5% return per annum over three years

Investing in a Palleter Building is different from the investments we usually make in Bolsa Social. why? Basically, because it’s a file Real estate investment. Therefore, it is not invested in the capital of Designable, but in the capital of the building itself.

In this sense, investing works in a similar way to a loan: investing has Fixed annual interest rate (5%(within a specified period)36 months), which will end when the homes are handed over. This is a “bridge” loan, whereby Designable will use the financing to purchase the site, along with down payment from home buyers, for further development for development.

In the words of Pablo Bertolin, Co-Founder and COO of Designable: “Investor funds are only used if the viability of the project is guaranteed, i.e. when more than 90% of the available homes have been sold. For this, each buyer must pass a Scoring Independent bank and make an initial commitment of 25% of the value of your future home.”

One of the futuristic homes of the Paliter Building

the influence

But this is not just a profitable investment product, but a great one environmental impact. According to the United Nations, cities occupy only 3% of the Earth’s surface, but they emit Three quarters of total global carbon dioxide emissions. On the other side, buildings Consume 40% of all energy who was created on this planet and 30% water which are consumed all over the world.

At Designable, they are convinced that this must change. His vision is that The real estate sector and cities must become a spearhead to protect the planet and its inhabitants, through innovation and technological development. Therefore, they devote all their energy and creativity to moving their buildings to more corners of the planet and Improving life in cities.

Designable responds to three challenges facing the real estate sector:

  1. Sustainability (Planet): All designable buildings reach Energy self-sufficiency, that is, they produce all the energy they consume. In addition, the Palleter مبنى Building produces Renewable energy with Photovoltaic solar panels and uses aerobic For conditioning and heating water in homes.
  2. crowd building (production model): Designable’s production proposal avoids speculative construction, where only the required buildings are produced (production to order).
  3. Customization (customer): At present, there is a short supply of high quality new construction in standardized environments.
Sustainable development goals are designable
The Sustainable Development Goals are influenced by Designable

Are you interested in investing?

We have opened the investment in the Palleter Building on the Bolsa social platform, with the aim of €700,000.

We summarize investment terms:

objective: €700,000

Annual interest: 5% *

condition: 36 months

Minimum investment: 1000 Euro

* Of this profitability, 7.5% Bolsa Social management commission should be deducted from the earnings.

If you find it interesting, you can study the opportunity to invest in the Palleter Building in the investment round on the platform. There you will find information about the show, team, social impact, company and finances, and a section with documentation. In addition, you will be able to communicate with entrepreneurs through the forum (“Comments and Updates”). And of course, if you have any doubts, you can contact us without obligation and we will help you with everything you need.

Thanks again for your trust! From Bolsa Social, we will continue to work to offer you the best opportunities in projects that not only have the potential to grow, but also by making a positive impact on society and the environment.

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