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This time around, as a yearbook, we’ll be publishing a retrospective look at 2021 that shows some trends for 2022.

Just as we increase the frequency of publications when there is news to analyze, in the past two weeks we have not made the usual panorama so as not to fall into unproductive routines.

Crack always crack. The year that began with the takeover of the North American Congress — which ignited with anger in protests over the killing of George Floyd, canary volcano-style — ended with the fires of the Government House and the judicial headquarters of Chubut, very close in time and place to the Mapuche fires. Diego Genod says in his weekly show that the same background music was heard in the Patagonian steppes as it was 20 years ago: “Let everyone go.”

Like I don’t want to see what’s to come, Carlos Menem passed away this year.

The republic—which is showing a process of material exhaustion worldwide—continues to take steps in favor of the ever more bipartisan popular democracy in Chile, which is mapped to the left over the right; by the anti-regime Pedro Castillo, who was directly absent in Nicaragua. The case of Argentina was different. The imitation of the motions between the ruling party and the opposition has generated expressions of the left and the right that are, at least for the time being, in the minority. But it did reveal the relativism of the legislature, whose own weight has been dropping by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Daniel Ortega from NicaraguaThe Nicaragua case raises another rift. Recently, it severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Only 14 countries maintain relations with the island that China recognizes as part of its country. But in the case of Ortegas, the official US backyard, that might provoke a definite reaction. Let us keep in mind that North Americans have just ignored the outcome of an election that favored the little Central American dictator for being a fraud; A few months ago, a popular movement – called San Isidro – rose up against the government of friendly and neighboring Cuba, and that some killers had assassinated the president of Haiti when he began to illegally extend his mandate.

If we sail beyond the ocean, we’ll see Central Eurasia is embroiled in an arms race that can only end in war. At first glance we have Russia, which has secured China’s support for its aspirations regarding the occupied territory of Ukraine. For its part, the conflict between Iran and Israel is as close to there as it is to be resolved. And as a postcard, the Israeli Prime Minister visited the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, after announcing the purchase of 80 combat aircraft and twelve military helicopters from France, as the United States prevented the United Arab Emirates from that operation for not maintaining relations with the Jews. state.

The call by then-new President Joe Biden to his European counterparts at NATO’s annual meeting to increase the military spending budget by 2% continues to resonate. It was after the G7, but before the COP 26 neutral cycle, in which both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping were absent, although the latter was justified because in those days he was given permission to remain in power.Joe Biden at the NATO meeting

Biden failed to distinguish himself from his predecessor. His call for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics is reminiscent of the 1980 grain boycott of Russia, in the middle of the Cold War. Although a democrat is better in morals, he applies the same policy; Primarily in relation to First America, which plunges the United States into the greatest isolation before World War I. We Argentines can understand this: inflation has woken up without consulting.

In our country as it happened years ago Only the inflation minister is able to implement major structural reforms. In the coming months, we will surely see labor reform and fiscal orthodoxy appear on the scene and in the most diverse disguise. Admittedly, inflation is as blunt and ruthless a minister as it is effective.

Under this scenario, the behavioral change of the security forces would be expected to deepen in favor of the easy trigger and heavy hand. They want to prevent people, as in slaughter, Try again to set fire to the police station.

The right wing of society is manifested in intolerance towards progressive rhetoric and the need for firm stances on the part of power to prevent the ship from capsizing. The VIP Vaccination Center and Olivosgate have given more than 200 lectures on the comprehensive language of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Speaking of armed issues, in the midst of a crisis, but in the face of increasing international hostility, Argentina launched a sudden operation to rearm through the Defense Fund (FonDef) set up in the administration of Agustín Rossi.

changing the subject, Power outages within six hours of using WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, the day before the repentant employee came to the Capitol, he demonstrated the importance of these large corporations to life today in a more blunt way than did Covid-19. They are the same companies that deserve regulation by G7. They are the same star in the toughest battles of these years: cyber combat, hacking, because the space race is still dark matter for ordinary mortals; A black hole for those who want to understand hidden objects.

A battle similar to the one they carry out in cyber defense Cryptocurrencies against central banks. The leaks that investigative journalists are accustomed to are traces of that.

Maximo Kirchner in the Argentine Congress, December 2021Given all of this, how important would it be for Máximo Kirchner to take over for Buenos Aires PJ? Perhaps the most obvious is the completely new color worn by Ibn Nestor, who also appears to be suffering from physical fatigue.

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