Where, why, with whom, what to negotiate – company

The decision-making area and the reputation of the signers where? The realm of negotiating democracy is Congress, and the realm of the “small table” populist. Uninvited citizens always pay the bill at the small table. Autocratic or democratic governments lived for decades negotiating with trade unionists and businessmen at “small tables”, maximizing their personal benefits … Read more

5 Key Questions About Pallet Building

July 8, 2021 There is little left! Designable’s sustainable housing development, the Palleter Building, is already close to its funding target, by more than €500,000 investor by 80 investors. Additionally, last week the Designable team presented the rooftop of the new Palleter Building. A meeting where many investors took the opportunity to clarify some specific … Read more

We launched sustainable loans – La Bolsa Social La Bolsa Social

October 15 2021 After months of work, the day finally came: we launched a program sustainable loans! 🌱 Sustainable loans: profitability and positive impact Since our birth in 2015, at Bolsa Social we have a clear goal: We want to foster a more conscious, collaborative and ethical economy that serves people and the planet. Sustainable … Read more

Training Conscious Entrepreneurs and Investors, by José Moncada

October 26, 2021 Written by Jose Moncada, CEO and Founder of Bolsa Social As a society we face enormous challenges: climate change, growing inequality, aging populations, migration, deteriorating biodiversity… These formidable challenges are well defined in the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Sustainable Development Goals are not only directed at governments. It … Read more

Balance Sheet and Global Wealth – Inc

China’s growth process was originally based on investment as its main driver, which exceeded 43% of GDP in 1993. In those years, the Chinese system started the process of migration towards domestic consumption as an engine of growth. By 2000, it managed to reduce investment to less than 35% of GDP. However, fearing a slowdown … Read more

Triodos Bank and La Bolsa Social agree to boost financing for companies with influence

December 7, 2021 Investors interested in the social impact of their money will be able to invest from 50 euros directly into sustainable loans from Bolsa Social Triodos Bank, a European bank of reference for ethical and sustainable banking, and La Bolsa Social participatory financing platform, have signed an agreement under which Triodos Bank will … Read more

Latin America’s Corporate Fight Against Corruption – COMPANY

Corruption is one of the most important phenomena of the modern era. Today, almost all countries of the world, through various preventive mechanisms, strive to regulate ethical relations between companies, since there is a strong tendency to act in a non-transparent manner. On many occasions the motives were to obtain the economic power which is … Read more

Finance your Polynext sustainable loan and help recycle plastic

December 9, 2021 Did you know that most plastic waste is not recycled? Today, managing these materials represents one of the biggest environmental challenges. As a recent article in National Geographic notes, “Every minute, one million plastic bottles are sold worldwide, and each plastic bottle takes about 450 years to decompose. If it wasn’t opened, … Read more

Notes on the Argentine People’s Economy – Company

In practice, there is a great perception that the economy takes place outside the social world. The dimension that was “added” from the social work of private companies, civil society organizations and the state, aimed at alleviating the living conditions of the most vulnerable groups. a place where so Solidarity Economy. A term that historically … Read more