How to fight inflation in 2022

Since 2008 you haven’t seen such a high number and you have to go back to 1992 to see a higher number. The question now surrounding is Whether it’s a one-time trend or inflation is here to stay. To answer the first thing you have to be clear Why is inflation back?. What are the … Read more

Connecting people for a better future

Create in 6y March 2007 M-PESA for Vodaphone (M – Mobile, Pesa – Swahili for money) is Africa’s leading mobile money transfer service With over 918,500 active agents operating across the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania. Next year marks its fifteenth anniversary, and what fifteen years has it … Read more

InbestMe Value Indexed Portfolios 2021

Value investing in 2021 In our previous report on value investing, we already mentioned that something seemed to be changing in 2021. 2021 was marked by a “moderate vigil” in value investing. Next, we’ll show you how inbestMe’s indexed value wallets worked. Evolution of the MSCI Global Value Index / MSCI Global Index / MSCI … Read more

Being a Socially Responsible Investor: The Seven Reasons Why

A socially responsible investment in fashion. In recent years, thanks to the increased awareness of sustainability and the environment of the majority of the population, sustainable investment in 2020 has surpassed traditional investment for the first time, reaching a management size of 345,314 million in Spain alone, according to a study by Spencef. There are … Read more

Freedom, Equality and Fraternity – Company

It’s never too late when bliss is good Ideologies are constructs that place some values ​​of democracy on others. At that time they were revolutionaries: freedom, equality and brotherhood. The years have highlighted two of these values. Freedom is the basic value defended by liberalism and capitalism, while equality is the priority value of socialism … Read more

Tax Advantages of Indexed Funds

Not all investment products are the same in the eyes of Treasury. Each of them is taxed in a different way, which ultimately leads to consequences for the investor’s portfolio, and, of course, for his profitability. In this sense, there are a number of Index Fund Tax Benefits on other similar tools. These are some … Read more

Ducklings and Tiger – Company

In the language of kenneliro, 22 is ducklings; The nick image shows straight alignment. For the Chinese, the twenty-second year will be the year of the water tiger, which is a disturbing and surprising sign; If the dragon is the king of heaven, then the tiger is the king of the earth, which was already … Read more

What are Indexed Mutual Funds?

Index mutual funds have become one of the most popular tools in the investment community. Not surprisingly, in Europe, passive management has had an important place within major investment strategies, to the point of replacing active management as the dominant management in some fund classes. However, index funds have their critics, too. Those who believe … Read more

Personal Finance Planning Multiple Accounts

In a previous post we saw what strategic property planning is and the relevance of planning our financial life to achieve well-differentiated goals. Here, we will teach you how to get better personal finance planning with multiple account functionality. At inbestMe, we believe it’s best to split up and implement a good personal finance planning, … Read more