Nvidia Hackers Threaten To Reveal Data That Disrupts Ethereum Mining Limit

An alleged group of hackers had access to sensitive information from Nvidia, the maker of graphics cards (GPU) from which cryptocurrencies like ether (ETH) can be mined.

They threaten to disclose alleged information that could disrupt the restrictions that this company has imposed on some of its products, with the intent of limiting cryptographic activity.

The group, called LAPSUS$, has reported the alleged hacking of their Telegram group. In it, they reported that they had access to Nvidia’s servers for about a week. And it got 1 terabyte (TB) of sensitive data, such as plans, drivers, firmware and other “important things”.


Yesterday, Sunday, they indicated that they wanted to “help the mining and gaming community.” Therefore, they urged Nvidia to release a firmware update for the RTX 30 series graphics cards that removes all Lite Hash Rate (LHR) limitations. “Otherwise, we will leak the Devices folder,” they threatened.

Hackers reported the attack to Nvidia through their Telegram group. / Source: Telegram.

But there has been no response from Nvidia towards them, or at least not until closing this article. It is known because it is the Sunday before the silence of communion, Expose some data, such as source code and other information “Top Secret in various parts of the Nvidia Driver”. They did this via a download file directly from Telegram.

Today, meanwhile, they’ve been sharing a torrent of files, apparently Nvidia flagged the main link. It is, as it appears, The company’s first reaction to the attack of these hackers.

Not satisfied, the hackers offered for sale a bypass program called LHR V2. This means that they have found the algorithm that limits the hash rate of graphics cards used to mine cryptocurrency, a Transfer Technology company to increase sales in its specialized field playerAnd the Reviewed by CriptoNoticias.

Nvidia hash
Hackers want to “help the mining community” and are asking Nvidia to remove the hashing restrictions from their GPUs. / Source: Telegram.

Oddly enough, last week we at CriptoNoticias reported a case referring to an homonymous program, which, by chance, bypassed this restriction. What is remarkable is that the mentioned patch, called LHR V2 Unlocker, turned out to be a malicious program that affected the computer where it was running.

Hackers assert that they do not share software openly, Because it is a customized version of the driver and firmware. Also, “We don’t think it’s a good idea to share (even if it works) the firmware and drivers that can disable any card.”

If someone buys a bypass from us, we will provide ways to bypass LHR restrictions without notifying you. We will also provide buildable documentation and source code. We don’t want to cause any harm, but we are willing to sell software that can actually harm LHR, but we won’t make the $10 exception.

LAPSUS$, a hacker group.

“incident investigation”

Delving into the tech company’s social networks, no comments or anything related to the alleged hack were found. However, CriptoNoticias contacted Kiran, the company representative.

From their answers, it appears that Nvidia was not fully aware of the information, Because on several occasions the service administrator thanked the user for notifying him of the attack.

nvidia hackers
From Nvidia they did not provide details or comments about the alleged hack. / Source: CriptoNoticias.

Kieran told us that the issue team will contact us via email. In fact, we received an email. But the short message was more indicative:

We are investigating an accident. We don’t have any other information to share at this time.

Nvidia, a technology company and manufacturer of graphics cards.

It remains to be seen if Nvidia will finish investigating or confirm the $LAPSUS attack. While this is happening, time keeps coming and the threats of the hacker group may materialize, Which could have a serious impact on the company.






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