Four out of five employees have business improvement ideas.

The leaders of the digital world reflected on the challenges of leadership in the new digital economy at the event organized by IEBS last Thursday

last Thursday, IEBS Digital School Organized another edition of the event Next about digital leadersan inspiring meeting where digital leaders reflected on the challenges of leadership in the new digital economy and the right balance that must exist between a human, technological, innovative and futuristic approach among those who have to manage the future.

First of all, he had the word Oscar GilDirector of Global Innovation at Nestlé, explains how an organization as large as Nestlé is working with open innovation projects to improve corporate culture on issues such as failure management and resilience.

Gill noted thatFour out of five employees have ideas for business improvement and a third feel their suggestions have been ignored“He added that”Good things happen when companies listen, which increases their profitability by 21% and reduces employee turnover by 24%.“.

In addition, he also contributed ideas for working in parallel with the corporate entrepreneurship business, introducing the entrepreneurial philosophy of the entire company.

The next session was in power Hector Ibarradirector of the Fjord Regional Group, and Jill FromanDe Fjord, strategic designer.

Both carried the conclusions of the Fjord Trends 2022 report on digital identity, the end of abundance, and the importance of truth.

Ibara noted that “The decisions we make from now on can affect our world and its structure more than we can imagine. Each of them indicates changes in relationships with our co-workers, brands, society, and with those who matter most to us.“.

In addition, they focused specifically on the trend called The Next Frontier, which hints at the emergence of Metaverses as new spaces for social interaction and the economy, a trend that will be of particular interest to digital leaders of the future.

Froman”We are looking into the possibility of creating a mix between offline and online, with the ability to replicate what happens in the real world in the metaverse“.

Subsequently, a round table was held with the participation of Louis ReyesCloud & DevOps Architect de IBM, y Carlos Solanathe innovation leader at Mediapro.

Table discussion entitledThe digital technology that will change the next decade” has focused on disruptive technologies of the day, such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence.«.

Reyes commented:Both hybrid cloud and AI platforms are already mature enough, and the latter is changing business processes and the way we work“.

On her part, Solana pointed out that:The big challenge with AI is to make it available, being a widely applied technology but decreasing in smaller organizations“.

Speakers also discussed future technologies such as quantum computing, metaverses, and NFTs.

Paschal Rocruzfounder and CEO of Collabwith, put the human point on a lot of technology and thought about whether everything technology allows should be done.

The speaker presented a methodology for building solutions for the future but had a positive impact on people as a focal point, concluding her presentation with this conclusion:It is very important to be very critical at a tipping point where we have to be aware of what we want and what we don’t want.“.

Anna Sarmientoan expert in organizational culture and leadership development at Kincentric, in her presentation touched on many tips on how to be a better leader, with ideas such as increasing engagement in your work, motivating others with a corporate goal, strengthening your team before adversity and even being an anchor for your peace.

A motivated leader comes in happy and leads his team, radiating that energy to the rest of the organizationcommented.

finally, Fuensis GomezHead of Digital Transformation at Banco Santander México, he conveyed to the public the complexity of the process of co-creating digital products from start to finish, as well as its importance due to the results obtained.

Methodologies like Design Thinking are a part of their daily lives. Gomez also stressed the challenge of working on a culture of change with teams, and noted that it is a procedure that takes several months to achieve visible effects. She also indicated that “Regulations must be strictly complied with, being an explicit part of the customer experience“.

Thus The Next About Digital Leaders has become a space for ideas of technology and innovation, as well as reflection on future directions for a more humane world, an essential approach for the digital leaders of tomorrow.

The upcoming IEBS Digital School event will be E-Commerce Day, where e-commerce experts will reflect on technology trends, new business models, channels and payment methods for successful e-commerce solutions.

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