If bitcoin is good for turkey, it is also good for turkey

Key facts:
  • If bitcoin is good for Ukraine, it is also good for Russia. Bitcoin for enemies.

  • By calling for control and oversight, you are depriving Bitcoin of its essence.

Everyone is looking for Bitcoin for their moral or political justification that suits their interests. It was always this way. And in times of war, with opposing sides militarily and ideologically, these tensions in society seem to become even more radical. But … as the saying goes we use a lot in Venezuela, ‘what is good for turkey, is good for turkey’.

Some want Russia not to have access to money of any kindand support the actions of the United States and Europe against the Putin government. This includes the use of Bitcoin in the minds of some.

Others regret the use of the main cryptocurrency in the market for war purposesAfter raising millions of dollars to fund the Ukrainian army, after a significant portion of Bitcoin users donated significantly to the cause.


Meanwhile, major exchanges have refused to comply with what governments like the United States or Ukraine itself are demanding: to limit the use of their platforms to Russian users, with the intent of informing the Kremlin and its actors, who have previously been sanctioned. Excluded from international banking systems.

Despite the fact that they now refuse, being centralized companies due to their jurisdictions, they are all one court order away from censoring certain users. That is why, as it has been said to the point of nausea, the “Bitcoin” you own on an exchange is nothing more than a number in a database. But the bitcoin that you own is under your control, that unsupervised, non-custodial currency. It is the same for everyone. Russians and Ukrainians. people wherever they come from. With or without a political side.

For those who want the same to happen with Bitcoin, we have to ask: Do you really want unconfined, decentralized, neutral and independent funds from trusted third parties? Or do they just want a currency that suits their interests at the moment? Meaning: paper money, but to your moral taste.


So some are wonderingwhich side“Bitcoin (or cryptocurrency in general) may end. I would argue that there should not be a “one side” to Bitcoin.

If one of the main features of Bitcoin is its resistance to censorship and its decentralization, why would they want to censor it? Source: adobe.stock.

Everyone is (and at the same time not) right

The funniest thing about these situations is that everyone is right: everyone has the right to use Bitcoin as they want. In this sense, it makes sense for everyone to assume an angle on Bitcoin that not only fits their needs, but also their worldview. There are all colors, creeds and flags.

At the same time, no one is right in this discussion: Bitcoin is neutral because it is available to everyone without an entity having the ability to regulate transactions. On the Bitcoin network, money flows without belief.

There is no better example of this character than Bitcoin than recent events, as reporter Emily Faría (@emilybitcoiner) rightly pointed out via Twitter:

This month: The government created a blacklist of Bitcoin addresses to try to stop donations and persecute protesters [caso Canadá]Another government asked for bitcoin donations to defend it [Ucrania]. A third government will prepare to regulate bitcoin to avoid sanctions [Rusia].

Emily Faria, Correspondent and Bitcoin.

All three scenarios are valid for exploring the value of bitcoin. On the one hand, they serve those who find a barrier in the banking system, while their rulers try to prevent the voices of protest from reaching the streets; For others it is a form of direct financing without intermediaries. For the latter, it could be a golden opportunity to free themselves from the world’s US-led monetary yoke.

Are any of these situations inconsistent with Bitcoin in any way? no. Will it make some actors uncomfortable? Sure, but This is what technology we are all equal is all about: everyone decides how to use it.

All or nothing is Bitcoin’s motto

Not surprisingly, one of the great slogans about this powerful tool is that “Bitcoin is for the enemy.” This basically boils down to a basic idea that would be impossible in a traditional banking or money flow system: Your enemy can use bitcoin at will, without you being able to do anything about it.

If this mantra doesn’t resonate with you, you don’t want Bitcoin. What you want is a bank that stands by you and controls those against you. Well, that’s already been around, for a very long time, even. It won’t always be on your side, and you can learn it the hard way.

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