Shiba-inspired Metaverse files complaints about the launch of the Ethereum Blockchain

Key facts:
  • The auction of virtual land will start from 0.2 ETH to 1 ETH.

  • Each plot of land acquired will generate passive income for its owners.

The creators of Shiba Inu (SHIB), the popular cryptocurrency, are making efforts to get rid of the label as just a meme currency and have developed some services. This includes the long-awaited metaverse they have dubbed “Shib: The Metaverse”.

For the team responsible for the project, this is “the culmination of history as a community, actually manifested in a layer of beautiful images that show our innovation and unity with a place we truly call home,” they explain through a statement posted on Shiba’s website. Articles.

However, the next version of the metaverse, which has no date yet, has been created Complaints about its development on the Ethereum blockchain, rather than being run on the slick Shiba blockchain, called Shibarium. There is no launch date for this network yet, although the document states that it will be activated soon.


It is worth noting that since 2020, the Ethereum network is usually very congested, which creates a bad user experience due to High and slow commissions.

A cryptocurrency enthusiast and developer who handles Twitter’s Atari Metaverse Gaming (ShibaShibarium) was one of those who complained about the launch of the metaverse and Team Shiba slow to launch its own blockchain.

“Shibarium development is too slow. The metaverse won’t be ready for another year or so. Shibarium should be the number one priority. Even game development from the studio takes a long time. But Shibarium should be a priority.”


Mapa de metaverso de Shiba.
Map of the first phase of the Shiba metaverse, with a total of 100,595 virtual plots of land for users. Source:

Another user (@shib555) said to the social network that he’s been waiting for Shibarium for six months, but now thinks he’s been too optimistic. “I’m going to hibernate after buying land for Shib The Metaverse,” he wrote.

Ether to reach virtual lands

The virtual lands of metaverses will be auctioned off Ether, the original cryptocurrency of Ethereum, with the prices that They will start from 0.2 ETH to 1 ETH And not in the origin of the SHIB cipher itself.

The developers justified the use of ETH because it is a “neutral currency that can be sold into stablecoins for payment against all sources.” They also believe that using tokens from their ecosystem is a “risk” because they must be eliminated. From the price of their tokens to collect themwhich is something that distances itself from their plans, as explained in the text.


Voucher Distribution

It will be “Shib: The Metaverse” Consists of a total of 100,595 parcelsSome of them will be used as communal land representing roads, boulevards, boulevards and axes, while others will remain private. For a start, developers will unlock 36,431 plots of land that will be spread over four different zones: Growth Zone, Defense Zone, Technology Zone, and Coin Zone.

Within those areas there will be different layers of parcels, level 4 (Silver Fur) will contain 17,030 earth, level 3 (golden tail) will contain 7,356, level 2 (platinum paw) 5,714 earth, and level 1 (teeth) Diamond) will contain 5714 plots of land and will include 2024 virtual plots.

The developers explained that “releasing the land with the introduction of this first phase may come with one of the most important factors, which is determining the value of the land based on its location.”

The purchase of virtual lands will last three days. Team Chiba made sure of it Those who obtain plots of land will be able to generate passive incomeCollect in-game resources and get rewards. They will also unlock some features and perks, which will be revealed in later stages.






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