Canada and the Problems of the Central Crypto World – What is Binance Currency for Part One

Canada and the Problems of the Central Crypto World – What is Binance Coin Part One in collaboration with Guillermo Abellán and Raúl Jaime Guillermo Abellán has a degree in economics, 18 years of experience as a director of Banco Santander Group, and in 2014 he created an equity crowdfunding platform with algorithmic and risk … Read more

iCommunity Labs launches, the app to certify your documents on the blockchain

iCommunity Labs, the benchmark blockchain platform for companies in Spain, launches, a new product to facilitate document certification in the blockchain for all types of users (companies and individuals). is an online tool that, unlike others, not only allows all kinds of documents (contracts, meeting minutes, training addresses, etc.) to be certified on … Read more

Discussing Bitcoin regulation in Panama and vetoing mining in Europe

Bitcoin in Spanish is CriptoNoticias’ weekly newsletter where we review the most important facts related to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain in the Spanish world. Regulatory release remains one of the most notorious issues worldwide at the end of February. The Spanish-speaking environment was no exception to the case, highlighting proposals and calls from supervisory entities … Read more

Will Bitcoin Help Russia Evade International Sanctions? Analysts disagree

For the first time, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are playing a leading role in the context of war. After the Russian armed attack on Ukraine and the application of economic sanctions to curb Russian allegations, cryptocurrencies have become the focus of various analyzes. Since the beginning of the hostilities, information has been circulating about an … Read more

Etherscan can be used to trick you according to this study

Blockchain scanners, such as Etherscan, log into their database and publish the issued cryptocurrency transactions. In this way, it allows users to see the movements of the currencies. However, there are scammers who can contaminate this data to earn cryptocurrency, so you should be careful. This was stated by Harry Denley, who specializes in security, … Read more