Up to 58 questions including the CNMV form

Starting Thursday, February 17, influencers or companies wishing to launch an advertising campaign for Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in Spain must submit an application to the National Securities Market Commission (NFT). On a mandatory basis ( CNMV). This measure is part of the new regulation governing the advertising of Bitcoin … Read more

Your bitcoins on Samsung Galaxy may be at risk

Key facts: A study revealed vulnerabilities in TrustZone devices, which store encrypted data. Weeks ago, the brand announced an integrated Bitcoin wallet on its Galaxy S22 model. Mobile phones increasingly serve as a kind of “portable safe” that everyone carries in their pocket. For this reason, security is a primary topic for manufacturers, who turn … Read more

Russia Can Look to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Since Thursday last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided Invasion of neighboring Ukraine Protected by a series of reasons and motives, particularly political “in principle”, the international map began to be redrawn as never before. The alliance of countries associated with NATO, along with the United States and Japan, among others, decided to take … Read more

Four out of five employees have business improvement ideas.

The leaders of the digital world reflected on the challenges of leadership in the new digital economy at the event organized by IEBS last Thursday last Thursday, IEBS Digital School Organized another edition of the event Next about digital leadersan inspiring meeting where digital leaders reflected on the challenges of leadership in the new digital … Read more