history of thorns

Key facts: At one time, all existing bitcoins can be spent from any wallet. The Bitcoin contract agreed to resolve the failures that had been created. Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most secure network in the world, which has not been hacked, offline or down for one second since its launch in 2009. However, the history … Read more

Unregulated stock exchange users may face sanctions in Venezuela

The National Cryptocurrency Supervisory Authority (Sunacrip) of Venezuela has taken a new step to regulate the cryptocurrency sector. This time they suggest that people or institutions that use exchanges, wallet providers, or platforms that are not authorized by the agency, may face penalties. Order 054 published on the regulator’s website was created as the regulation … Read more

Ethereum 2.0 will be launched with at least 400,000 validation nodes on the network

Key facts: In the past three months, the number of validators has increased by 25%. Combined with advances in testnets, this contributes to the promotion of Ethereum 2.0. Ethereum 2.0 continues to solidify its foundations before merging the Ethereum mainnet with this new release. In the coming days, it could reach 400,000 validators who will … Read more

The Lightning Network grows over 400% in transaction numbers

Key facts: The Lightning Network has grown exponentially since the beginning of 2021. Within a few months, the network’s capacity, in terms of bitcoin deposits, exceeded the 3900 . figure The Lightning Network, a decentralized network of instant payment channels, has doubled the number of its monthly transactions. Massive growth of the network, used by … Read more