Axie Infinity arrives in its original version on Android devices

After the release of a version of the game called Origin, the video game Axie Infinity, built on non-fungible tokens (NFT), has entered a new phase.

Players can now Share to Origin from any Android mobile deviceAnd Not yet available for Apple iOS. “Today, we took another step toward our full global launch,” the game’s creator, Sky Mavis, said in a statement.

The Android version is accessed through the mobile APK, which means that mobile devices can be downloaded separately and not through Google Play, allowing massive downloads. The reason to do this is Make sure your servers have enough capacity to support millions of playersas reported by CriptoNoticias.

Sky Mavis explained that when the mobile and desktop versions are created, the rewards are integrated into the SLP.

With Origin now on Android, the company Will include token rewards and rune/magic crafting The first season to be rated NFT and Origin with prizes in AXS, one of the game’s reward tokens.

Origin of Axie Infinity is available for download in its desktop version and on Android via APK. Source:

In addition, they announced that by releasing the game on a mobile device, users will get three axes for free.

Game changes

The Singapore-based company announced that the video game in NFT has been updated and has undergone some changes to improve its quality.

Among the announced improvements are Update 16 aspects of the interface for the player.

All status effects and runes will be activated simultaneously and the “Full HD Graphic” option is added in the game settings.

It’s important to note that Axie Infinity: Origin is still a game which is in early access testing phase. It only started playing through Mavis Hub, the desktop version.

The goal of launching early is to identify errors that may arise when players interact with the game and thus Collect feedback from the community so we can make adjustments and make improvements before the global launch.

New batch for NFT games?

Although the NFT market has experienced a sharp drop in sales since September last year, It is expected that it will take a new batch soon.

According to a report published by research firm MarketsandMarket and reported by CriptoNoticias, the NFT market indicates that companies, metaverses, and communities growing around blockchain games, It will play a major role in the development and growth of the industry.

projects play to win It will play a crucial role in the re-emergence of the NFT ecosystem. They will do so alongside proposals similar to those of the Axie Infinity and Splinter lands, which encourage players to generate income while playing.

Also on these platforms,Players generate rare assets in NFTThey play with them, and they can also buy or sell them, which gives impetus to the trade of these collectibles.






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