Spanish company Metaverse announces the sale of more than one million euros in virtual plots

Spanish company Uttopion Metaverso has sold more than 1 million euros of plots within its community of more than 100 million followers.

Over 150 brands, influencers or content creators, some of which are top-tier, have already gained virtual space within the platform to build their community in the metaverse.

Autobioncements its national leadership by announcing the sale of more than 1 million euros of virtual intrigue within its community, with followers exceeding 100 million, an estimated number based on the audience of every brand and content creator on Uttopion today.

The company run by Lanzadera, a startup incubator created and promoted by Juan Roig, has been able to reach that milestone since last February, when it began selling virtual spaces.

A total of 1,000 “Terras”, as the plots of land owned by Uttopion in their communities are called, have been put up for sale on a limited basis, prices range from 2,000 to 40,000 euros.

Those with the highest value, the so-called Joker Terra, were most sought after by over 150 content creators, influencers and brands who chose to have a virtual space within the platform, and their ownership backed by blockchain technology.

“We are very grateful for the trust that both brands and content creators, all of whom are owners, have in our platform by purchasing virtual spaces, supporting the work we have been doing for so long that has led to the creation of such an important community.” Soraya Cadalso, Co-Founder for Utopion.

The president of the Madrid-based company adds that “The fact that the first widely supported metaverse is in Spain suggests that the main companies, both the most innovative and many other traditional ones, want to be in it “.

The Uttopion metaverse has two communities in Spain500 pieces have been put up for sale.

The first, Musichood Spainwhich since its first edition created two years ago, has held more than 200 events such as Mad Cool Talent by Vibra Mahou, with more than 8000 connected users, or Oro Viejo Festival by Dj Nano, with 4,700 people connected at the same time.

All of this journey offers Uttopion to unify the metaverse of all the brands, while leaving aside the aura of uncertainty shared by others.

She has participated in major events and achieved achievements appreciated by the industry, such as being part of the Vodafone 5G Lab.

Uttopion’s second community is Sportsvilla Spain. This community, like Musichood, has half a terrace dedicated to hosting content related to the main topic of its community; In this case it will be sports. These stands, like the ones above, are an opportunity for content creators.

These two societies were both born in Spain, but one of the goals of Uttopion is to conquer the world, either by opening the same or different societies in different parts of the world.

Undoubtedly, the differential value of Uttopion is the possibility that it offers users, broadcasters, and brands to create their community in the metaverse in a simple way and without the need for technical knowledge.

As a brand, having a plot in the Uttopion metaverse offers benefits to reach other audiences, increase audience, enhance image as well as give access to unique and innovative experiences. Companies that want to buy Terra in the metaverse can install their brand

It democratizes access to the metaverse, becoming the ideal framework for companies that want to bolster and strengthen their image through disruptive ventures.

Owning a property is the most complete, immersive and pioneering experience, but it is not the only one.

Any user who is part of the metaverse can create and monetize content by simply sharing it through “apartments” or virtual homes.

They believe in the democratization of these new realities, where everyone can add and create value, which is why they are so open to interoperability between metaphors.

This entire project is backed by powerful technology that makes it even more attractive. On the other hand, UNITY technology provides users with a greater immersion in the metaverse, making them feel part of an ever-evolving world.

With WebGL technology, anyone can access directly from the browser without having to download anything. For Uttopion it is very important that their metaverse is easy to use and they pay great attention to aesthetics and user experience

They have created a “metaverse pocket” that allows you to connect from your mobile phone in a simple way, without having to force the user to sit in front of the computer to access it. From Uttopion, you can access through WebGL technology as well as from the application in the mobile terminal itself.

There are still Terras available and anyone interested in purchasing one can request information and schedule a meeting with the Uttopion team through their website to present their project.

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