BetFury bitcoin casino launches its new game: Space Dice

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency online casino BetFury has launched a new game for the iGaming platform called Space Dice. This game is a sequel to Dice, popular among players within the BetFury Casino platform, but this time it is set in a cosmic style.

History of the space dice game

Space battles with aliens continue. Mr. Fury directed the spaceship Ring to a nearby small planet to replenish resources. Once he lands, he begins his search for necessary materials when he finds an amazing artifact. Huge dice sparkling numbers in different colors!

A resident of this planet who got close said that this is a magic cube that bestows incredible strength and luck. Therefore, they realized that this was exactly what they needed for battles.

How to win by playing space dice

  • Choose a range from 0 to 9999 and place a bet.
  • If the issued number belongs to the specified range, you are the winner.
  • The larger the range, the greater the chances of winning.
  • Lower ranking brings higher prizes.

dice space settings

To configure Space Dice and be able to play properly, follow the instructions below:

  • Entry/Exit buttons: IN – includes numbers in the specified range, OUT – includes numbers outside the specified range.
  • Min/Max buttons: minimum – minimum chance of winning with maximum payouts, maximum – maximum chance of winning with minimum payout
  • +5 and -5 buttons: +5 increases the chance of winning by 5%, -5 reduces the chance of winning by 5%

In addition, you can use all the internal settings to make your game as comfortable as possible: fast mode, auto play, hotkeys, and turn on / off animation. You can also try auto capture – scoping automatically and randomly.

Hit the space jackpot

  • The lucky deck includes the sequence of numbers 4 times in a row, regardless of the outcome of the bet, once any 4-digit number starting with 7 – 7xxx (from 7000 to 7999), triple any 4-digit number starting with 77 – 77xx, 77xx, 77xx (7700 to 7799).
  • Winning line example: 7456, 7789, 7723, 7777. However, the order of these numbers does not matter.
  • The percentage of winning the jackpot depends on the minimum bet amount.

Get great rewards at BetFury bitcoin casino

$10,000 Space Dice Battle

23 – 26 June

  • Play space dice fighting against others.
  • 200 winners will participate in a prize pool of $10,000.
  • The prize will be paid out in BFG and USDT.

Instagram Challenge – 10000 BFG

23 – 28 June

  • Follow the account, like and tag 2 friends.
  • Comment how many crypto coins you earn on Space Dice.
  • Two winners will get 5,000 BFG each!

lottery Twitter – 20,000 Belgian francs

23 – 28 June

  • Please like and retweet.
  • Comment using emoji dice.
  • There will only be one winner.

Tips in Telegram chat – 5000 BFG

Start: June 23, 12:00 UTC

  • Send a dice emoji to our Telegram chat.
  • The first 10 users with 5 at the top of the dice get the reward.
  • 10 winners will each get 500 BFG!

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