Bit2Me has launched a service to provide Bitcoin to employees in Spain and Latin America

In Spain, as well as in Latin America, it is important to retain value and doing this together can bring greater benefits than doing it individually. Cryptocurrency exchange Bit2Me has built on this to launch a new corporate savings service, in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), for employees working for companies anywhere in the world.

it’s about Cryptocurrency savings program for companies to compensate employees Developed by Bit2Me with law firm ATH21 that specializes in crypto assets and blockchain-based applications.

The program is already at the service of ATH21 employees, however, all support necessary for its implementation can be approved by any company.

“Not only From Spain, but also from Latin Americaand even from anywhere in the world,” Abel Peña, Founding Director of Bit2Me, told CriptoNoticias.

The Spanish cryptocurrency exchange handles buying, selling, and Exchange bitcoin, ether or other cryptocurrency for fiat currency, as well as the custody of crypto assets. While the legal and financial aspect will remain in the hands of ATH21.

Abel Peña said that in Spain and Latin America it is very important to hold value for the future, and cryptocurrencies are a great alternative to achieve this. Source: Capture Google Meet.

How does a cryptocurrency compensation fund work?

to create a file Cryptocurrency bonus program, companies allocate a percentage of their net profits to be deposited in the fund’s portfolio. In the case of ATH21, the utility will be 10%.

With this profit every three months, The law firm will make purchases in BTC and ETH, which will be deposited into the fund. Within four years the total amount is liquidated, and then the savings are distributed to all employees.

The money will be distributed evenly among the employees, based on how long they have been with the company. Therefore, in the end, this should be understood as an investment made by the company, which is also buying cryptocurrencies in a bear market, when the chances of buying are very good.

Abel Peña, Founding Director of Bit2Me.

The bitcoin loyalty program enables corporate talent to be retained, according to Cris Carrascosa (center), along with Bit2Me representatives. Source: Bit2Me Dam.

Why is a Cryptocurrency Corporate Provident Fund Important?

Cristina Carrascosa, CEO of ATH21, currently It is essential to retain talent in an increasingly competitive market, According to a press release distributed by the Bit2Me team.

“We designed this tool because stock option or phantom stock plans generate a lot of uncertainty and we want our teams to share in the direct benefit of the company without taking on costs or risks,” added Karaskosa.

ATH21 CEO indicated that they have already received orders from interested companies Implementation of a savings program using Bitcoin and Ether for institutional talent loyalty.

For his part, Abel Peña said that in the cryptocurrency world there are currently many ideas that can be exported to sectors and companies that do not necessarily have to be from the crypto world.

“So the role we play at Bit2Me with this employee compensation crypto fund is to provide peace of mind and security when doing any exercise within the ecosystem,” said Abel Peña.

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