The world, waiting for Polkadot Decoded 2022

Confirmed so far Four different places where this global event will be held. the days June 29 and 30 This year, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York and Hangzhou in China will host the third edition of the Gavin Wood event, founder of Polkadot.

This event, with the peculiarity that it is celebrated in many capitals of the world, each of which is located on a different continent, includes face-to-face business and numerous events and parties in which attendees will gather to watch live broadcasts of all key presentations, presented by more than 100 speakers.

In other words, unlike other events, thanks to technology, one person in America and another person in Europe will be able to attend the same conference.

Places in the four host cities are rapidly approaching their capacity limits, showing the great interest among the Polkadot community to connect and learn more about the ecosystem.

Sponsors include Fundación Web3, which is dedicated to making Web3 available to users so that they can benefit from its advances through decentralized protocols, and Parity Technologies, a blockchain-based company that aims to create an open network where individuals can create better organizations through this technology and its applications. revolutionary.

Specifically, the Web3 Foundation funds the research and development teams that build the technology stack for the decentralized network. It was founded in Zug, Switzerland by Ethereum co-founder and former CTO Dr Gavin Wood. Polkadot is the foundation’s flagship project.

These types of projects are essential to equip the Polkadot ecosystem with a research branch responsible for developing protocols that facilitate the advancement of these and more innovative technologies for the future, so we must be attentive to their work.

Many media outlets have already echoed this event, especially in Argentina, where the attraction that Polkadot raises is the capital. “This event is a great opportunity to connect with the wider Spanish-speaking world of Polkadot and put everyone in South America at the center of this powerful ecosystem,” said Alex Hatoum, co-founder of Polka Häus.

Parallel to this event, we have the case of Mexico City, which will be organizing its own event, empowering more than 500 people.

We can’t help but think that there will be surprises at an event of this kind, and apart from the hype this type of event makes, this one in particular has very special incentives. The first 50,000 Decoded attendees, including those who personally register in the four cities listed above, will receive a free NFT representing their official attendance at the event.

As each attendee accesses the official live broadcast on the first day of decoding, their NFT will evolve from the image shown above, completing a unique transformation. These facilities and developments for the event to come to fruition, while leading by example, are the responsibility (in a good way) of the Web3 Foundation and Parity, the main sponsors of the event.

Over 100 speakers and tens of thousands of attendees around the world will enjoy and learn from all that Polkadot Decoded has to offer.

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