Bitcoin mining could reduce greenhouse gases by more than 20%

Key facts: Bitcoin mining can reduce the temperature of the planet by 0.15 degrees Celsius. According to Daniel Patten, bitcoin mining has the potential to prevent global warming. Bitcoin mining is an activity that has the potential to lower the planet’s temperature and contribute to reducing greenhouse gases, according to research by climate technology investor … Read more

Bitcoin and its logo are trademarks registered in Argentina, what happens if you use them?

Since May 2022, “B Bitcoin” and the digital currency logo have been trademarks registered in Argentina. This fact can be verified in the register of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). There, under the index number 3964982, rights over these items were granted to Jose Pedro Doto of Neuquen. This will be valid until … Read more

Fees Keep Bitcoin Miners Afloat In Bear Market

Key facts: Total mining rewards exceeded 6.30 BTC in June in exchange for commissions. The daily profit from mining was more than 17 million US dollars in June. Despite the arrival of the bear market and the crypto winter, transaction fees or commissions in the Bitcoin network continue to represent a relevant portion of the … Read more

Harmony Bridge – $100M Ethereum Hacked

Horizon, the bridge whose job is to link the Harmony blockchain to that of Ethereum, suffered a hack that caused losses of around $100 million. The company is working to find the culprit and recover the money with the US authorities. As detailed by the Harmony team at A Twitter themeAnd the An attacker-related address … Read more

Blockchain to Promote Sustainability

Experts call for more public-private collaboration in DES2022 to accelerate economic transformation through Blockchain According to data from IDC Spain, they indicated that only in Spain, Blockchain will contribute more than 20,000 million euros to the national GDP by 2030so It will grow by 47% in the next two yearsYes, these numbers illustrate the importance … Read more

Fear can already be felt in the markets

Since the US Federal Reserve (Fed), a few days ago, raised its benchmark interest rates again, this time by 75 basis points (0.75%), the “largest increase in 28 years”, the markets have not ceased to be unsettled. Some major investors and institutions alike have declared their concerns about an excessive increase in inflation-control rates, referring … Read more