Justin Sun tries to tell Tron and USDD apart from Terra, but they’re still the same

Justin Sun, lead developer of Tron and its recently launched decentralized stablecoin (USDD) network, has confirmed that his project will not fall into the same mistakes that led to the collapse of terraUSD (UST) and terra (LUNA). To discuss the alleged differences, he highlighted two aspects, collateral and stablecoin interests. Tron Network launched its stablecoin … Read more

Professionals are invited to teach about Bitcoin in schools in Argentina

Key facts: Teachers receive an invitation from the NGO Bitcoin Argentina to give workshops in high schools The project plans to teach more than 4,000 students about Bitcoin. “We are looking for inspirational, committed, proactive and dynamic professionals with an interest in promoting the unlimited development of students,” said a workshop call from the Bitcoin … Read more

How do major bitcoin miners survive a bear market?

Bitcoin (BTC) miners were forced to tighten their belts after the entire cryptocurrency market embarked on a price drop that, for some, is not over. Added to this is the increased mining difficulty, which reduces hardware performance in order to keep the Bitcoin network in a steady rhythm of work. Two factors deeply influence, for … Read more

Bnext Joins the Virtual Card Revolution

With the new product, Spanish FinTech promotes sustainability and digitalisation. Users will be able to take advantage of the rewards program when making purchases at different establishments Coinciding with the memory world environment dayevery year It is celebrated on June 5thAnd the Next, The financial technology born 2017, Launched a new product: Virtual Cardswhich is … Read more

Will the Tether go down? – Once again the protagonist Minister

Will the Tether go down? – Once again the protagonist Minister in cooperation with Dr.. Ismael Santiago y Anthony Band Ismael Santiago, Professor Doctor at the University of Seville Ismail is a financial analyst for Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. Professor of Finance at the University of Seville, expert in: valuation of technology-based companies, financial markets, … Read more

iCommunity Labs launches the first platform in Spain to register copyrights for artists

iCommunity Labs Leading Blockchain Company as a Service, Debuting musicdibs.coma platform for copyright registration of artists using Blockchain technology The platform democratizes copyright registration, providing digital and decentralized certification that makes the process cheaper and easier. It currently has a 70% lifetime launch discount for first subscriptions in June. When registering a business, a certificate … Read more