Bitcoin will be accepted in a tourist destination in Honduras

Businesses in the small tourist town of Santa Lucia, nestled in the mountains 20 minutes from the Honduran capital, will begin accepting payments using Bitcoin (BTC), the market’s main cryptocurrency. This was stated in an interview conducted by one of the members of this project called “Bitcoin Valley”.

“In Santa Lucia, we will all participate in this project. Let’s go with everything. Accepting bitcoin will allow us to open up another market and gain more customers. We have to globalize. We can’t afford to go around,” Cesar Andino, owner of the Los Robles shopping center in the city, said. We isolate ourselves from technology and cannot be left behind when other countries are already doing it.”

in this way, Santa Lucia in Honduras where the “Bitcoin Valley” has joined the trend reported in CriptoNoticias that other Central American tourist places are already starting. Specifically Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, Bitcoin Lake in Guatemala and Bitcoin Jungle in Costa Rica.

The initiative, which will reportedly start with 60 companies, was developed jointly by four entities: the Blockchain Organization Honduras, the Coincaex bitcoin platform, the Technological University of Honduras, and the municipality of Santa Lucia.

This was revealed by Carlos Leonardo Paguada Velasquez, founder of Blockchain Honduras All Saint Lucia business owners have already received Bitcoin training. These classes were taught by the Decentralized Academy.

Similarly, Paguada Velázquez noted that they continue to train entrepreneurs in the city and those interested in cryptocurrency through the Technological University. “We are implementing an educational process that will be finished in a month and a half,” he warned, noting that people already have their own bitcoin wallets.

University of Technology Professor Ruben Carvajal Velasquez summed up the Bitcoin Valley initiative: “The Santa Lucía community will be taught to use and manage cryptocurrencies, implement them in different businesses in the region and create crypto tourism.” This happens 3 months after a private city on an island in Honduras adopted cryptocurrency as legal tender.






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