Guatemalan communities join Bitcoin and this motorcycle proves the fare

Key facts:
  • Trips in bitcoiner tuc tuc start from 1 USD and above, if the trip is paid with BTC.

  • CriptoNoticias spoke with a tuc tuc driver, who admitted his taste in Bitcoin.

When the sun rises in the sky and begins to be seen on the horizon of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, it lights up the three massive volcanoes that, like guardians of this natural formation, offer dreamlike landscapes.

At that moment, Mr. Augusto is getting ready to go to work. He drives a tuk-tuk, which is a very popular means of transportation in Central America. Although there are hundreds of them in that Guatemalan region, Very Special: It’s Bitcoin.

As part of the adoption campaign, the Bitcoin Lake team drew 0 Bitcoin Lake as a metaphor for the first cryptocurrency. He. She They did it with the B feature and the usual orange color for BTC.

Tuc tucs are a widely used means of transportation. It has its origins in Asia, at least 60 years ago. generally, It is a tricycle with a gasoline engine and supports up to four people, including the driver..

These rickshaws or motorcycle taxis, as they are also called, have penetrated to the point of forming an essential part of the societies of Central Asia and the Pacific, as well as Central America.

In Guatemala and Honduras there is a large presence of them. Initially, they are part of the daily traffic and it is very common to ride them to move around the cities. In the municipality of Panajachel, On the shores of Lake Atitlan, there are at least 200 people who work daily to transport people.

“We wanted to publicize Lago Bitcoin more by making use of tuc tucs, which are very well known,” admitted in an exclusive interview with CriptoNoticias Eliazar Ajquijay, a member of the bitcoiner organization who was responsible for coordinating the unit transfer board.

“We talked about it, we consulted an owner, he thought of the idea, we looked for a logo, and the result was,” he said.

Mr. Augusto’s Bitcoiner tuc tuc travels along the banks of Lake Atitlán every day. Source: Bitcoin Lake.

Elijah confirms it The existence of a bitcoiner tuc tuc “demonstrates the integration of society into the bitcoin economy”. This, considering that there is “more interest” in the ecosystem every day, in the words of Ajquijay, who represents an organization that has been working towards adoption for months, inspired by the example of Bitcoin Beach, in El Zonte, the savior.

First to care

The news about bitcoiner tuc tuc is she met In the past few days. The private Lago Bitcoin Twitter account reported the arrival of the car, from which It’s spoken every time you walk the streets of Panajachel.

The prices for each flight are cheap, or at least so that Ajquijay explains. To board any tuk tuk you pay at least 5 quetzals (about 0.65 USD) and thereafter, as the amount varies according to the route.

But Augusto, 52, also accepts bitcoin as payment for his service., which generally includes transfers through Panajachel and towns around the lake, such as Sololá or San Pedro La Laguna. If this option is taken, the basic fee is $1 in BTC and above.

For this purpose, it uses the Bitcoin Lake payment gateway, which is enabled with the Lightning Network, a micropayment solution for the first cryptocurrency. Through it, satoshis, the smallest measure of bitcoin, can be quickly and freely sent to Mr. Augusto’s wallet, once the journey is complete.

Talk to CriptoNoticias, The driver admitted that he was receiving BTC for his service. He specifies that he is still learning how to use bitcoin, even though he considers it “too easy,” for example, to exchange coins for quetzals.

Which is that professional driver who usually provides service to tourists and locals from Panajachel City, He was one of the first to get interested in BTC when he talked about the new economy of Bitcoin Lake. This is, precisely, because of his work as a carrier, according to Eliasar Agkoigai.

Bitcoin within the community

The arrival of Augusto’s tuc tuc bitcoin comes after the growth of bitcoin adoption in Panajachel, a Guatemalan region that has embraced the new economy.

Since the Bitcoin Lake project started, in December 2021, 55 companies currently operating are already counting and accepting BTC as payment. According to Eleazar Agkoigai, “This allowed for the regulation of the new economy in the region.”

These companies have a sign outside the commercial building, where they say BTC is acceptable. They have a Bitcoin Beach Wallet app where every user can see the places that accept BTC. We have signs out of town for those who come to visit Bitcoin Lake to see. We are creating a lot of noise on Bitcoin.

Eliasar Agkoigai, Lago Bitcoin Coordinator.

From 1 USD in BTC onwards, the cost of going up is a Guatemalan Bitcoiner tuc tuc. Source: Bitcoin Lake.

The reality of Panajachel reminds us of the reality of Zonti in El Salvador, which, as we have said, is the source of its inspiration. In this place there is also a growing alternative economy that allowed the development of new forms of trade, in which all kinds of business were involved.

However, tuk-tuks in Guatemala seem to add the social touch that is also part of the principles of Bitcoin. In addition, they allow the ecosystem to be generalized among remote communities, such as indigenous ones, enhancing the narrative of money designed for all.

The truth is that now that Mr. Augusto’s tuc tuc status is known, there are other carriers who also want to name their cars with Bitcoin B’s, Eliazar Ajquijay tells us. not spared Soon there will be more bitcoin tuk tuks circulating in Panajachel and the rest of the Lake Atitlan region.

At the moment, Mr. Augusto is still dealing with his bitcoin, promoting adoption and allowing The disruptive attribute of Bitcoin is well received among the opportunity population. That is, because he is also a spokesperson for the ecosystem and every time he is asked, he gladly explains what he knows. “People are learning little by little, and they will start using bitcoin,” he said hopefully.






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