Robert Kiyosaki believes that this is the best investment you can make besides Bitcoin

Key facts:
  • Kiyosaki said the best investment to make is silver.

  • The ideal bitcoin purchase price was $1,100, according to the writer.

Robert Kiyosaki, famous author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has made one of his financial predictions again. On this occasion, he set his sights on silver, joining Bitcoin (BTC) as one of his favorite assets to invest in.

As usual, Kiyosaki used his Twitter account exposure This is the best investment. What to do now is money. Gold went above $1,700 and silver to $20. I don’t touch paper ETFs made of gold or silver. I just want real gold or silver coins.”

In his opinion, Silver is a precious industrial metalWhile, on the other hand, it is considered that gold is not.

Later Wrote The most tracked assets since antiquity are gold and silver. In this sense, She made a comparison between the proportion of both precious metals in the twentieth century and today.

“By the 20th century, the ratio of gold to silver was 47:1, which means 47 ounces of silver was equivalent to one ounce of gold. Today is 85:1, the writer said.

Hence it is suggested to buy silver. “Everyone can buy a silver coin for $25,” he added.

Kiyosaki’s messages seem to be consistent with what the silver market shows, which since last July 25 has shifted from $18.37 to $20.37, which represents an increase of 10.89%at the time of writing this article.

Kiyosaki suggests investing in silver, the metal whose price has risen by 10% in recent days. Source:

Kiyosaki also loves bitcoin

In the same way he did with silver, the investment writer also launched frequent thoughts about bitcoin and what would be the best price to hit this market.

Last June, CriptoNoticias reported that Kiyosaki was Waiting for BTC price to drop to $1100. “If it recovers, I will buy more. If not, I will wait until the losers pull out and then I will buy more.”

The truth is that this expectation, so far, has not been fulfilled. The The lowest price recently 18 months was $17,600while it is currently settling at $23,700.

It should be noted that these predictions do not necessarily have to be tied to the realities of the markets, be it crypto assets or precious metals. Those interested in investments should take into account that there is no guarantee that the recommendations will be implemented, so the potential risks should be anticipated.






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