Say Santiago Siri, Justin Drake, David Reyes and 0xJoxes

Key facts: For Santiago Siri, smart contracts are the best functionality that Ethereum has to offer. Justin Drake believes that the society that is formed has as much weight as technology. Today, Saturday, July 30, do not use Ethereum without wishing him a “Merry Christmas.” The leading network in finance and decentralized applications is celebrating … Read more

Ethereum celebrates the first 7 years of its life

Key facts: The value deposited in the network exceeds 56 billion dollars. In Ethereum, funding platforms, collectible tokens, and video games, among others, inhabit. This Saturday marks 7 years since the launch of Ethereum. It was on July 30, 2015 when the original block of a general purpose network specializing in smart contracts was mined. … Read more

Banesco Venezuela Customers Woke Their Accounts At Zero, Is Bitcoin On Its Way Out?

Key facts: Banesco mirrored the money its customers received through mobile payments. Bitcoin gives you complete control over your finances, unlike banking platforms. On Friday, thousands of Venezuelans woke up without a penny in their bank accounts. Banesco, one of the largest private banks in that country, has deducted its clients’ money without warning. Via … Read more

Banesco filed for failures on Friday, with debt and money reversals for its customers

Key facts: Banesco mirrored the money its customers received through mobile payments. Banesco has about 4.3 million registered users on its online service alone. On Friday, it was reported that a massive platform failure of Venezuelan bank Banesco affected thousands of people. Many reported missing debts and payments. Via Twitter, several users have deplored the … Read more

If you want to earn from NFT games, you should not lose track of these projects, says study

Key facts: According to experts, the games are attracting new users to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Axie Infinity will have to adapt to continue attracting new users. A report by market research firm Absolute Report indicates that non-fungible token (NFT) games, and play-to-win games like Axie Infinity, will see huge momentum in the coming years. So … Read more

Santander will launch bitcoin services for customers in this South American country

Key facts: Mario Liao, president of Banco Santander, believes that Bitcoin is here to stay. Santander will provide services with bitcoin as requested by its clients. The traditional financial sector continues to open its doors to Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, even as this market faces its worst moments. Santander Bank, headquartered in Brazil, is preparing … Read more