Latinos Use Bitcoin to Beat Inflation, But They Must Grow 3 Factors: Analysts

Latin America is fighting a battle against inflation, and although governments continue to take economic measures to lower the cost of living in the region, prices continue to rise, hitting the population. Several Latin countries, with the highest inflation, are leading the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) on the continent, and experts believe that, in fact, … Read more

What makes NFTs so attractive to millionaires?

Key facts: Like luxury cars, NFTs have become the hobby of millionaires. Due to their uniqueness, rarity and high prices, NFT products stand out as a luxury product. Movies, television, and celebrity magazines have taught us that there’s nothing millionaires enjoy more than collecting luxury cars, dream homes, and expensive jewelry. However, by 2022, it … Read more

Steve Wozniak se the land of the blockchain

Apple co-founder and tech entrepreneur Steve Wozniak will be one of the strong bonds to be presented at Blockchain Land Nuevo León 2022, which will be held October 5-7 at Cintermex. Wozniak will be on the main stage of this great event that promises to unite the blockchain community in Latin Americato become a gateway … Read more