Decentralized exchange without commissions? This is what Nomiswap DEX offers

Key facts: Nomiswap has collective farming, storage and cryptocurrency exchange services. The platform is powered by Nominex Central Exchange. In the current ecosystem, decentralized exchanges have become the preferred choice for users for various reasons. Which is that trading without intermediaries or pesky identity checks, is attractive to most people. One such DEX is Nomiswap, … Read more

Bitcoin miners make more money from the stock market than from the network

Many bitcoin miners have seen their stock prices double in the last 30 days. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market maintained relatively positive numbers, but far from the performance shown by industrial miners. Among the top bitcoin miners, the champion is the Digital Holdings Inc. marathon. In the past four weeks, Shares of this company increased by … Read more

Bitmain donates funds to research the environmental impact of bitcoin mining

Bitmain, a leading maker of bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining equipment, has donated a total of $1 million to Hong Kong Polytechnic University, aiming to develop projects that reveal the “essential benefits” of mining. Bitcoin, heading towards zero emissions mining and renewable energy. The announcement was published by the company on August 12 from the main … Read more

“Decentralization is at the core of everything we do”: Mariano Conte

Within the framework of the ETH Latam Conferences, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mariano Conte shared with the attendees his experiences and views on decentralization, stablecoins, and Ethereum. Mariano Conte worked for four years as a developer at MakerDAO, where he was particularly involved in creating Oracle. His expertise in everything related to Ethereum, stablecoins and … Read more

According to this specialist, most DAOs are not what they seem

Key facts: Wonderland CEO Matthias Nissenson questioned the DAO’s vote. Ninesson said that most DAOs operate like a “laundry shop.” Among the topics discussed during In ETH Latam, there are hacks, scams, and decentralized independent organizations known as DAOs. About them, they specifically talked about how these organizations are not what they seem, according to … Read more