Art will be rewarded with bitcoin again in Argentina this year

Key facts:
  • On August 10, the competition rules were opened and the receipt of works will begin.

  • Prizes range from $500 to $1,000, paid out entirely in Bitcoin.

Art will once again be rewarded with Bitcoin (BTC) in Argentina. As of August 10, registration has opened for PremioB Arte 2022, a competition organized by the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, which aims to represent the revolution that the new economy means to the world through pieces of art.

Aída Pippo, a member of the bitcoiner organization, told CriptoNoticias exclusively what the second edition of the contest will bring. From the start, tell us that now Six technical majors will be awarded BTC: digital art, physical art, photography, video, poetry, stories or short stories.

Bebo suggested it The competition is open to the entire Ibero-American communityProvided that the participants are of legal age.

Also specify that individual artists or groups of artists can register. “The idea is that we all share and come together in demonstrating the power of blockchain and the paradigm shift it is generating in our culture and our generation in business,” he explained.

Pippo clarified that from next August 10, the competition rules and . will open It will be presented to prominent jury members in the disciplines to be evaluated. “They are people who have had a completely heterogeneous training, which is interesting because there are those who come from the ecosystem and others who don’t,” he commented.

The artist also specified that from August 10 to October 10, the organization will receive the works of the contestants, But the winners won’t be awarded until November. This will take place in the framework of LaBitConf, one of the most prominent Bitcoin events in Latin America which will take place this year on Argentine soil.

The winners will receive prizes ranging from $500 to $1,000.Depending on the functionality obtained, and, as has been said, it will be paid in full in Bitcoin.

Contest rules will open on August 10 and you will receive works until October 10. Source: NGO Bitcoin Argentina.

The motive of PremioB Arte 2022 is to represent the blockchain revolution with art, so that everyone, who has more or less experience with cryptocurrency, can fit, investigate and understand these concepts and create a work of art (visual or in letter), an original creation, related to this revolution we are witnessing : Web 3, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, NFT.

Aida Bebo, a member of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina.

PremioB Arte 2022, as mentioned, is the second edition of the first competition that was organized last year. At the time, they presented the event as a competition where the community expressed decentralization through art.

At that time, at least 400 artists participated in the competition, so this year is estimated There are a large number of enthusiasts who put their creativity to the test in front of the jury.






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