StormGain Cryptocurrency App Introduces Its New Interest Earning Function

Key facts:
  • Earn interest on your crypto assets at APY of 8% on stablecoins and 3-4% on other cryptocurrencies.

  • StormGain does not penalize the user for withdrawing their money when they want it.

With StormGain you have an additional way to earn money, thanks to the introduction of the new interest earning feature. StormGain users can now generate passive income from their StormGain wallet holdings at a competitive rate of 3-8% annual percentage return (APY). Earning passive income is now easier without leaving the platform thanks to Nexo, StormGain’s trusted partner.

Get your portfolio to generate profits for you

One of the popular cryptocurrency trading strategies is buy and hold, so that the purchased cryptocurrency remains in the wallet for a long period of time waiting for the right moment to sell. The problem is that until that moment arrives, the currency stored in the wallet is nothing more than a heft.

This strategy can also be risky, as the value of cryptocurrencies can plummet during a bear market. Hence, even an overly cautious holder may end up recording losses on his investment.

The traditional way to get additional income from savings is to deposit it in a savings account, but the fact is that the interest rates offered by banks are currently so low (up to 1%) that it is completely impossible to provide banking services. The good news is that StormGain now offers an efficient way to generate income from the cryptocurrencies you keep in your wallet.

StormGain Cryptocurrency Interest Rates and Terms

StormGain customers will be able to earn interest on their crypto assets at an APY of 8% for stablecoins and 3-4% for all other available crypto assets.

To start earning interest on their cryptocurrency, users just have to look at the Earn section of the StormGain app, where they will find various links to Miner and Earn Interest features. Clicking the Earn Interest button will display all available cryptocurrencies and their APY.

It’s worth noting that thanks to StormGain’s “Earn Interest” feature, there is no mandatory lockout period. In many cryptocurrency interest plans, the cryptocurrency is locked (that is, it cannot be withdrawn for a certain period of time, usually 30, 60 or 90 days).

With StormGain, the user will not receive any penalty for withdrawing their funds at any time. StormGain users will earn interest on a daily basis, so any interest earned is retained until the day of withdrawal.

Join StormGain to get the most out of your cryptocurrency

StormGain is an easy-to-use all-in-one cryptocurrency platform designed for beginners and experts alike. This new feature joins the list of amazing benefits available to StormGain users, including bitcoin cloud mining, profit trading model and low commissions. Not a StormGain user yet? Register in just a few seconds and start trading for profit and reap the benefits!

About StormGain

StormGain is an all-in-one encryption app with no fees. It provides a simple, secure and reliable environment that makes trading and investing in cryptocurrency easier, more accessible and fun.

Available on any device, StormGain allows its users to buy, store, trade, exchange and earn cryptocurrencies with a single click, while offering some of the most competitive trading terms. It also offers advanced tools, market news and analysis, as well as its own cloud Bitcoin mining tool.

More than 5 million users around the world are already enjoying StormGain, a platform that has also won several awards, such as Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform 2022, awarded by AIBC.

To learn more about StormGain, the most complete platform for investing in cryptocurrency, visit

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