“Argentina is the perfect alternative to innovation”: Ethereum developer

Key facts:
  • Argentina combines need and talent, says Juan David Reyes.

  • The developer says he is very excited about the future of Ethereum.

“Argentina is the perfect blend of innovation and building global companies,” says Juan David Reyes, developer of the Ethereum Foundation.

The Colombian specialist had an exclusive interview with CriptoNoticias during his visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of ETHLatam 2022.

Reyes is convinced Argentina is “a country that needs to use cryptocurrency, plus it has the builders to solve these needs.”.

He points to the South American public university system as one of the reasons these builders existed. “I’m Colombian and there, right now, we don’t have hyperinflation, but we don’t have such a good education either, so, if that happens, we can build things up,” he says.

Argentines have lived Coraletto and many have lost their money. The solution has arrived: Bitcoin brings this vision with its currency, but then comes Ethereum, which also has a benefit for artists with NFTs and decentralized funding. So when people see that they can own their money and also use financial applications from an ecosystem that replaces traditional finance, there is real adoption.

Juan David Reyes, developer of the Ethereum Foundation.

John David Reyes
For Juan David Reyes, the combination of need and talent underpins innovation and new ventures. Source: CriptoNoticias.

Why Ethereum? In this article, we asked Reyes to find out why he prefers this technology. His answer was that The network created by Vitalik Buterin allowed decentralized developments to reach “the people or the ordinary citizen”.

Reyes is very excited about what is to come in Ethereum. It is in mid-September, according to the estimates of the main developers, the long-awaited merger (merger) will be carried out. since then, Abandon Proof of Work mining to move to Proof of Stake protocol.

The Colombian computer scientist explains: “One of the things that I highlight is that by moving to the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, Ethereum will have a much lower power consumption.” He adds that for him, “It is an issue that is relevant to the climate crisis we are going through.”.

In addition, he asserts, the staking incentive system It will make Ethereum’s security superior to other blockchains that use Proof of Stake.

Reyes is also optimistic about the series of improvements that will come to Ethereum after the merger. It stands for boom (“boom”), edge (“edge”), purging (“purging”), and boasting (“bragging”). These stages are described in a recent article by CriptoNoticias.

In conclusion, the developer invites those who wish to participate in Devcon Conference, which will be held in your country between October 11-14. Also, in October, there will be other meetings in Colombia that will be centered on Ethereum.

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