Vitalik Buterin explains one of the Ethereum technologies he loves the most

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin detailed in his personal blog the different types of ZK-EVM (the no-knowledge verification technology for the Ethereum virtual machine used to power smart contracts) and their features. The developer says that the main difference between the different ZK projects is the balance they strike between practicality and speed. In addition to … Read more

Bitcoin will start an upward trajectory due to increased debt in Europe, according to this forecast

Key facts: Bitcoin traders should pay attention to “resolving the macroeconomic crisis.” And its upward trend will depend on this, estimates investor Brandon Green. According to the predictions of Brandon Green, organizer of TheBitcoinConf, Bitcoin (BTC) could benefit from the economic impact that Europe is experiencing. This was explained during his participation in this week’s … Read more