“It is important to integrate Bitcoin into the financial system in Mexico”

Key facts:
  • The regulation of industry will allow the country to attract new investments.

  • Soon, Mexico will hold an important event on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency, Blockchain Land.

Economic conditions in many Latin American countries complicate the financial planning of the population of the region. Mexico is no exception, says Jose “Bimbo” Rodriguez, Director of Blockchain Land. For this reason, he says, it is important that “technologies like Bitcoin are adopted and integrated into the financial system away from the speculative and trading part.”

Although Mexico did not have a devaluation like Argentina or Venezuela, The Mexican peso “has depreciated by 50% in the past 10 years”Rodriguez, who is also a business developer at Bitcoin ATM maker Chainbytes, explains. “Devaluation is not uttered in Mexico, but it is consistent,” he adds.

in Mexico, Regulation of Bitcoin (BTC) and Other Cryptocurrencies Under DiscussionRodríguez told CriptoNoticias in an exclusive interview that you can watch it on our YouTube channel. In this regard, President Manuel Lopez Obrador said that he will not seek innovation at the end of 2021, as reported in this medium.

however, There are eight initiatives in the Senate to incorporate new technologies in Mexican law. Senator Indira Kempes is leading the effort to force the debate on Bitcoin, but for Rodríguez, more political parties must join. He asserts that this can happen, considering that “three years ago they saw in it more curiosity, but now it is an issue that goes beyond the parties for the national good.”

Mexico has had one of the worst economic performances in the past three years and is one of the few countries that has not recovered to pre-pandemic levels. Regulating the new technology industry is a way to attract investment.

Jose “Bimbo” Rodriguez.

José “Pimpo” Rodríguez (left) is a benchmark in Mexico’s cryptocurrency ecosystem. Source: CriptoNoticias.

Blockchain Land, a cryptocurrency event in Mexico

José “Bimbo” Rodriguez is the Director of the Blockchain Land Organization. The event will take place from October 5-7 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, a city in the north of the country that is “the second most important city in terms of business,” according to the interviewee details.

Blockchain Land is supported by the government of Nuevo Leon and many companies from Mexico and other countries. Cintermex conference center, where the event will take place, It will be divided into sections by topic. There will be conferences on web3, non-fungible tokens (NFT), commerce, finance, developers, and spaces for networking and business.

Finally the last day You will have the privacy of trying to break a Guinness World RecordOne of the largest Bitcoin denominations in the world. Currently, Rodríguez said, there is no established brand in this regard, so Blockchain Land has everything to win to become a landmark event in all letters.

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