MicroStrategy Will Develop Bitcoin-Based Software (and Hire Specialist)

The company founded by entrepreneur and investor Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy, plans to develop a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform based on the Bitcoin Lightning network.

The development goal According to the company, it “provides businesses with innovative solutions to cybersecurity challenges and enables new e-commerce use cases.”

To this end, MicroStrategy Looking for a software engineer Which, among other requirements, must have experience developing software that uses the Bitcoin network and the Lightning micropayment network.

The recruitment announcement adds that “contributing to Bitcoin Core, LND and other large open source crypto projects will be considered an advantage” for the candidate. who is appointed, You will work at the MicroStrategy plant in Virginia, USA.

In this way, Saylor is progressing not only as a Bitcoin (BTC) investor, but also as a technology developer. MicroStrategy is developed and presented Various Business Intelligence and Reporting Software for CompaniesHowever, so far, none of them have directly used Bitcoin technology.

According to the financial statements presented, it is the public company with the largest percentage of BTC in its treasury. So far, 130 thousand bitcoins have been accumulatedwhich equates to more than US$1,500 million, as evidenced by CriptoNoticias Calculator.

In addition to investing in bitcoin, MicroStrategy has helped other companies, including Tesla, do the same.

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