The first 100% green cryptocurrency mining company

Hive Blockchain Technologies is a green energy mining company, combining traditional finance with the emerging cryptocurrency industry. The company operates in cold, politically stable regional jurisdictions, such as Canada, Sweden and Iceland, where its data centers are located.

Hive Technologies Limited has the privilege of being number one in many things. It’s the first encoder Listed on the public stock marketspecifically on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: V), and the first on the NASDAQ list in the United States and Germany.

The company is also a leader in cryptocurrency mining on an industrial scale, offering shareholders and equity funds the benefits of cryptocurrency mining. The following data can give an idea of ​​the dimensions of the company’s activity, and the production report for August 2022 indicates this The company has mined 290.4 BTC and 3,010 ETH.

Regarding its corporate structure, the company has a multidisciplinary and comprehensive team that includes highly qualified women in senior positions, such as Johanna Thornblad, Chief Operating Officer in Sweden.

Hive Blockchain Technologies is also The first company to engage in 100% cryptocurrency mining powered by green energy. Geothermal energy, wind energy, and hydropower are part of the sources, considered low-impact, and used by them to reduce the carbon footprint.

The company’s operating centers are not chosen by chance. On the contrary, they have strategic reasons when choosing settlement areas, always giving priority to optimizing energy sources and costs. Canada, Sweden and Iceland are particularly distinguished by having Low electrical cost, fast internet connection and low temperatures. For example, its facilities in Boden, Sweden, achieve ideal temperatures of -30°C.

Socio-environmental model with green energies

The production and settlement strategies in Crypto miner Hive stem from a well-defined ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) model from day one. This model thinks of some social initiatives in the life of the community near its centers of operations.

In this sense, the company is the sponsor of the local hockey team in Boden, Sweden. Also a contributor to the bee conservation cause, which the company name honors (“hive” means “hive” in English).

In addition, the excess energy generated by the company through mining the green cryptocurrency is used for various purposes. Specifically, to heat greenhouses, provide energy to the community during peak hours and support educational projects for boys and girls in the area.

The company recently partnered with two leading manufacturers of graphics processing units (GPUs) and integrated circuit technologies: Intel and Nvidia. These joint design and development alliances will make this possible Create exclusive high-performance chips for Bitcoin and Ethereum mining.

Hive Blockchain Technologies is currently building a new data center for cryptocurrency mining operations, located in New Brunswick, Canada. This center will join the existing center in the province of Quebec, and constitute the second crypto mining facility based in that country.

Visit the Hive Blockchain Technologies website if you want to know about it and TwitterOr Facebook, YouTube or Instagram if you want to be aware of the latest.

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