Cryptocurrency meme defying FTX-generated anarchy

Altcoin Radar is CriptoNoticias weekly newsletter, where we collect the most important facts on the cryptocurrency market. In this article we cover notable news and price behavior of currencies other than Bitcoin, with a list sponsored by the newspaper The bankruptcy of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchange FTX is probably the news in the cryptocurrency … Read more

Criptan and Bitgo will work on solutions to provide security and transparency

Both companies are joining efforts to implement new solutions that allow viewing the state of their clients’ funds Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular, but with this popularity comes a new set of concerns about security and transparency. After the recent scandals of mishandling of user accounts by the FTX cryptocurrency platform, there are more and … Read more

Colombia approves regulatory framework for bitcoin exchanges

On Tuesday night, in a second debate, Colombia’s Chamber of Deputies approved the bill that seeks to regulate bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the coffee-growing country, that legislature said in a press release. The project identified asNo. 139 of 2021It was approved unanimously in plenary session, ie For the 172 legislators who live … Read more

The Belgian regulator says that BTC and other cryptocurrencies are not financial assets

Last week, the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) ruled in touch On the nature of cryptocurrencies, noting that Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other decentralized cryptocurrencies are not classified as financial assets. The FSMA is responsible for ensuring the honest and fair treatment of financial consumers in Belgium and aims for the fair … Read more

Binance Labs is betting on hardware wallet maker NGRAVE

The NGRAVE ZERO wallet is the only financial product in the world with the highest EAL7 security certification Binance Labs Venture capital division and accelerator binancea leading cryptocurrency exchange, has made a strategic investment and will lead the next Series 1 round from NGRAVE, a blockchain company and digital asset security provider that specializes in … Read more

Mantisco joins the Outlier Ventures Web3 Games Rise Program

Mantisco has been selected for the Ascent Program by Outlier Ventures, the world’s leading web3 accelerator MantescuToday, Seoul-based developer and publisher of Web3 games, announced the addition of Outlier Ventures, the industry-leading global Web3 accelerator, to the Ascent Program. This is the second partnership with Web3 since Immutable X in October this year. London-based Outlier … Read more

BlockFi Bankruptcy Hits Bitcoin Miners

Key facts: One of the largest bitcoin mining companies has requested loans from millionaires. BlockFi recently declared bankruptcy following the bankruptcy of FTX. The recent bankruptcy of BlockFi, the second largest lender to Bitcoin mining companies in the Americas, has had repercussions for the industry. As production costs rise and the bear market continues, Bitfarms, … Read more

The Bank of Spain recognizes the “potential” of Bitcoin and requests its regulation through a “forward-looking approach.”

Basel Banking Committee Chairman and Bank of Spain Governor Pablo Hernandez de Cos on Tuesday recognized the potential of the Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency markets to “expand” and “endanger” the traditional financial system. Hernandez de Cos stressed, during a speech at the International Conference of Bank Supervisors, that emerging markets are also capable of threatening … Read more