Amazon Prime is preparing a series about the collapse of FTX with the support of the Russo Brothers

The scandal of the collapse of Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, will be on the screens of the service flow Amazon Prime, maybe next year. Based on press reports, an eight-chapter series will be created for that platform that seeks to expose “the most shameful fraud ever committed.”

As mentioned diverseProduction of the series, which will stream on Amazon Prime, will be in the hands of brothers Joe and Anthony Russo’s production company, AGBO. They are the creators of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse.

“We are excited to continue the excellent working relationship with the AGBO team through this exciting series of events. I can think of no better partners to bring this multifaceted story to our global Prime Video audience,” said Jennifer Salke, President of Amazon Studios.

Serial on FTX Written and directed by television producer David Weil, who already had products with the Amazon Prime platform in the past. Producers like Mike LaRocca, Angela Russo-Ostott, Scott Nimes, and Natalie Lynn Williams will appear in the creation of the series.


According to that medium, Amazon Prime expects to start filming and producing the series in March next year. There is no set date for the launch, but it could be extended to 2024. Bearing in mind that the issue of FTX is far from over.

Series based on press reports

In general, the Amazon Prime series in the fall of FTX It will be based on reports and reports from journalists who covered the issue of FTX. Although the exact origin of the information to be contributed to the production was kept secret.

Likewise, the initial conversations with many Marvel actors the Russo brothers have already worked withso that they can be included in the production, where they occupy “key roles,” he said diverse.

According to the Russo brothers, what happened with FTX “is one of the most brazen frauds ever,” as well as “infiltrating many sectors,” such as celebrities, politics, academia, technology, crime, sex, drugs, “and the future of modern finance.”

“At the heart of it all stands a very shadowy figure with complex and dangerous motives. We want to understand why,” Roussos said.

Amazon Prime’s intent to bring the whole FTX disaster to the small screen isn’t unique. Other producers have also announced their plans to create content based on this state.which left billions of dollars in losses and countless people affected.

This week it became known that Apple TV is the service flow American Technology Corporation, She has plans to make FTX Breakdown into a feature film. In fact, this company would be interested in bringing the next book by Michael Lewis, which focuses on this case, to the big screen. That is, if competition with Netflix and Amazon Prime doesn’t stop it.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, one of the most important bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges in the market is FTX, It went into crisis and collapsed in a matter of days. The company declared bankruptcy and left millions affected around the world.

Its former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (aka SBF), is accused of using FTX users’ money to fund the bankruptcies of his other company, Alameda Research. This has led to several investigations against this entity, as well as against the SBF itself.

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