BetFury x WINK Partnership – Play with the WIN token at BetFury

Key facts:
  • The WINK Network was the first comprehensive oracle of the TRON ecosystem

  • After WINK closed, the token was added to BetFury so you can continue to use it.

More and more news in the world of cryptocurrency. famous dab WINK has announced the closure of the platform. wink era networks It’s over, but its child, the amazing WIN code, continues to delight users. BetFury Crypto Casino decided to support WINK and add the WIN token on the platform to give it a new life in the community of friends and help all the owners of this token to continue playing online.

The BetFury team has prepared nice bonuses in connection with the appearance of WIN on the platform.

What about the WIN code?

WINK code (WIN) It is the first comprehensive oracle for the TRON ecosystem. It fully integrates the real world with the blockchain space. That is, it improves user experience by leveraging real-world data, events, and payment systems.

The price of WIN is now $0.000098. You can follow its growth on CoinMarketCap. The classification CoinMarketCap current is #180, With a direct market capitalization of $94,261,361. So, after WINK closed, the token continues to evolve, and we were able to add it to BetFury!

Win at BetFury

Meet WIN at BetFury Staking pool. code Supports BNB and TRX networks. Play our awesome games, mine BFG (token BetFury Gaming) and enjoy all the benefits of our platform. Also, many pleasant surprises and bonuses await all WIN owners at BetFury.

WINK bonus

In honor of the collaboration, we have prepared a special surprise for you: WIN BONUS! Go to the rewards locker to see its details and activate it. What does a WINK coupon contain?

100% deposit bonus: Get Up to $500 with a minimum deposit of $60. The activation time is 72 hours.

150 free spins: Get Up to $500 in free spins with a minimum deposit of $40. The activation time is 48 hours.

Thus, the appearance of WIN on BetFury is an opportunity to continue using this token in the online cryptocurrency world.

Join all association activities to receive rewards and free cryptocurrency. Enjoy all the news and have fun!

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