Binance will offer Voyager $1 billion and save no more, CZ says

Key facts:
  • Binance US, the US affiliate of the exchange, will offer Voyager the offer.

  • Voyager filed for bankruptcy in the middle of this year and left thousands of people affected.

Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchange Binance will make another bid to take over Voyager, a crypto-asset broker that filed for bankruptcy in July, that company’s CEO, Chanpeng Zhao (CZ) confirmed Thursday.

Speaking to Bloomberg, CZ Indian Binance’s American subsidiary, Binance, It is he who makes the new offer to buy the Voyager assets.

CZ commented that this decision was due to the fact that its former competitor, the already collapsed FTX exchange, “could not fulfill this obligation.” FTX and Voyager are in talks to acquire the broker’s assets, however The operation stopped after the collapse of the exchange.

As a result of the bear market that started last March, many companies found themselves in trouble. Among them stood out Voyager, which declared bankruptcy in July.

This caused the company to auction off its assets to try to save users.. Two large companies took part in it: Binance US and FTX US. But it was the second that won.

Now, that was before FTX US filed for bankruptcy on Friday, November 11th, as reported by CriptoNoticias. Therefore, the auction is activated again and Binance US resumes bidding. With her, the company It could save thousands of Voyager users, who were affected by the lender’s bankruptcy.

Zhao explained will allocate to buy Voyager for about $1 billion first. Then if that wasn’t enough, he’d give more. He also specified that the offer would be extended for six months.the date when the bitcoin market is expected to have actually recovered.

Binance CEO dismisses concerns about his bid for Voyager, While clarifying that there is no link between his company and China.


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“Binance is not a Chinese company. We are not associated with China at all. I repeat this many times, just because I look Chinese, but I have been Canadian for 30 years, so no problems there.”

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