Win Fan Tokens from Argentina and Portugal in Learn & Earn from Poloniex

Key facts:
  • There are three prize pools for the competition: two of $30,000 and one of $20,000.

  • By trading USDT and Fan Tokens and answering the quiz, users can earn.


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Poloniex, one of the oldest Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchanges, is launching a new Learn and Earn Campaign. Winners can receive a share of the prizes in the form of fan tokens from Argentina (ARG) and Portugal (POR).

Contest is valid from November 22-30, 2022 at 10:59 AM UTC. The total prize pool won by Poloniex is $80,000 USD. Users from Cuba, the United States and Ontario will not be able to apply. For their part, the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela, are entitled to participate.

In order to qualify for the sweepstakes and be eligible to win the prizes, users will need to complete several tasks. a, up to size trade Required for such fan tokens. Else, read both teams’ project descriptions. Finally, answer any question in the survey correctly. The more correct answers the user gives, the higher the winning stake.

Poloniex campaign for the Qatar 2022 World Cup
Learn and Win Fan Token, Poloniex’s latest contest for Qatar 2022. Source: Poloniex

Descriptions of the fan icons project for both national teams outline the usefulness, function and application of said assets, the creators and some technical details related to them.

Prize bags with fan symbols from Argentina

Those new Poloniex users who trade USDT 500 or more trading place You will participate to get a fair share of American dollar 30,000 in fan tokens. To participate, these users must additionally answer a valid question in the survey.

One step above is the prize pool 2. To participate in it, the user must trade ARG/POR fan tokens with a minimum of $1000 USD, also in spot market Poloniex, answer the correct question in the quiz. Participants will be eligible to receive a fair share of American dollar 30,000. One final prize pool requires you to answer all the questions correctly and trade ARG/USDT and POR/USDT with a volume of $2,000 or more.

The Learning and Winning Fourth Edition award is calculated as follows. The total amount of the prize pool is multiplied by the result of dividing the correct answers given by the total number of correct answers from all participants.

The formula by which Poloniex will calculate the prizes.  The prize will be equal to the prize pool of $30,000 in fan tokens multiplied by the division between the number of correct answers given by a user, by the total number of correct answers given by all eligible users.
The formula by which Poloniex will calculate the prizes for two bags of fan tokens. Source: Poloniex

It should be noted that to participate with full rights, the user must necessarily trade the USDT / ARG and / or USDT / POR pairs. One of the rules of the contest is that each user can only submit the survey once. rewards It will be distributed within twenty business days thereafter at the end of the contest.

As detailed by CriptoNoticias, fan tokens are digital assets that represent a specific sports team. Possession of it grants access to certain privileges, for example, participation in certain club or chosen votes.

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