El Salvador is introducing a bill to regulate the use of alternative currencies


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Among the more notable events this week in Latin America are the new measures taken by the Salvadoran government in order to boost the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the country.

With a new bill and a new office, President Najib Bukele maintains his commitment to formally integrating the ecosystem into the Salvadoran economy.

And in other parts of the region, a list of four Latin American countries is given Hardest hit by the recent FTX meltdown.

To go into the breakdown of the news of each Spanish-speaking country for the past week, we leave you with the latest news Bitcoin in Spanish.

Exchange Argentina is laying off its employees

In the midst of the crisis due to the collapse of FTX, one of the major Argentine cryptocurrency exchanges was forced to cut its staff by almost half. The CEO of the Latin American platform admitted that the decision was very difficult, but necessary.

in this context, In the South American country, the FIFA World Cup has awakened the buzza sporting event to be held this year in Qatar.

The Argentine national team fan icon suddenly fell after the team was defeated in its first appearance at the sporting event. In fact, the Argentine cryptocurrency Lost value with the tokens of Brazil and Spainwhich also depreciated shortly before the start of the competition.

Colombia, among the Latin countries affected by the FTX collapse

Colombia, along with three other countries, has been hardest hit by the FTX crash, according to a report by CoinGecko. Andean country ranks second in Latin America, With a large number of people who lost their money in the stock exchange.

In this sense, Global Financial Integrity (GFI), an organization focused on investigating illicit financial flows, points out that the region is, legally speaking, not ready to prevent cases like FTX.

Bar chart of countries affected by FTX
Of all the countries in the world, South Korea is the one that has been hit the hardest by the FTX stock market crash. Source: CoinGecko.

A look at the bitcoin landscape in Costa Rica

Introducing a bill that seeks to create a legal framework for cryptocurrencies, Adoption has contradictory opinions Among legislators, associations and entrepreneurs living in Costa Rica.

Johanna Obando is a cryptocurrency enthusiast from Costa Rica who is promoting a law to regulate Bitcoin.
Johanna Obando is a cryptocurrency enthusiast from Costa Rica who is promoting a law to regulate Bitcoin. Source: Political Change.

The bill’s deputy proponent, Johanna Obando, representative of Asoblockchain Costa Rica and Bitcoin ATM entrepreneur, spoke with CriptoNoticias to show off their insight. About what is happening with cryptocurrencies in the Central American country.

El Salvador announces a new bill

On November 23, El Salvador took the first legal steps To approve the launch of bitcoin bonds. This, after a new project was presented before the State Council involving more digital assets.

With this project, the Salvadoran government is seeking to create rules to regulate any actor dedicated to issuing, providing, or operating all types of cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoin.

Meanwhile, President Neb Bukele has decreed the creation of the National Bitcoin Office. This entity will be responsible for evaluating everything related to cryptocurrency “with the aim of the economic development of the country.”

The legislative draft was handed over to the National Assembly of El Salvador by the Minister of Economy, María Luisa Haim Privet. Source: Twitter.

For his part, a Salvadoran lawmaker has clarified the way cryptocurrencies will be classified in the country with the new law. Notice that Everything is not bitcoin It will be considered safe.


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The Spanish Securities Authority is talking about the FTX issue

The National Commission of the Spanish Stock Market (CNMV) ruled last week that the FTX exchange had collapsed.

The vice president of the corporation took advantage of the case To warn investors again about Risks of using cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, FTX was due to the lack of control of the regulators.

A Venezuelan bank requests the exchange of data from its customers

According to user testimonials, one of the main banking entities in Venezuela orders it from its customers Personal data related to the use of cryptocurrency platforms.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan stores were crowded with people eager to shop at a discount on Black Friday. This, despite the inflationary progress that continues to plague the economy of the Caribbean nation. In fact, according to data from VanEck, Venezuela is one of only 6 countries in Latin America Where Bitcoin will continue to advance.

events of the week

Among the bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain-related events in the region for this week, the following stand out on CryptoNoticias’ calendar:

Thursday 1 and Friday 2 December: The “Blockchain Expo Global” event, a face-to-face online conference, will be held in London, England.

Companies that accept cryptocurrencies in Spanish-speaking countries

  • Granada Triangle (Cultural Center, Armenia, Quindio, Colombia)
  • Beekeeping field (Beekeeper, Bogota, Colombia)
  • PagueloFacil (online platform, Panama)
  • SOCIETYFARM (pharmacy in Arequipa, Peru)
  • Neco Boutique Hotel (San Bernardo del Toyo, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina)
  • Video marketing agency (shop in Chile)
  • Delicias De Ceci Parrilladas (restaurant, Salinas, Ecuador)
  • Destinations Travel tours and ecotourism (travel agency, Colombia)
  • JAM Services (Maxikiosko in Misiones, Argentina)
  • Taquería Cinco La del Centro (restaurant, Veracruz, Mexico)
  • Intuixion (a clothing store in Caracas, Venezuela)
  • Congo Monkey (coffee in Dominical, Costa Rica)
  • Pharmall (pharmacy in Dominical, Costa Rica)
  • La Setentaycrepes (restaurant in Bogota, Colombia)

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