Nash21 and Token City are boosting the cryptocurrency economy

Nash21 opens its market in the token city market. The agreement is part of a digital asset market open to global investors.

Nash 21 It just opened its digital asset market in Token City Market. With this opening, Token City increases the offering of investment assets on its platform with a vision to generate new opportunities for its investors.

In a financial context marked by the development of fintech, the crypto economy, and the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi), Nash21 has specialized in tokenizing leases, making them tradable and liquid.

The tokenization or digitization of financial assets is supported by traditional financial entities such as JP Morgan, Société Générale, and Citi.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates that nearly 10% of global GDP will be stored on DLT by 2027, while Boston Consulting Group estimates in its September 2022 report that the total amount of token illiquid assets will exceed $16 billion in 2027. 2030. .

With tokenization enabling new uses in different industries, facilitating the democratization of investments to a public previously inaccessible, Nash21 provides new uses for leases where the benefit is reflected to real estate market participants as follows:

  • The landlord can guarantee his rent, by charging a fee on the first day of each month or paying the future income generated by the contract;
  • The tenant can obtain security for his lease;
  • An investor can get a monthly income without owning a property.

“This agreement will contribute to spreading the possibility for anyone to benefit from the rental market revenues without the need to own a property.”

“Currently, we have more than 130 token contracts worth 2 million euros, the owners of which already charge variable rents, that is, they have the money to rent at any time of the month.”

“For this, real estate managers have joined with the aim of expanding their lines of business and large players in the industry are developing products that will be very innovative in the real estate market,” said Nicholas Barillari, CEO of Nash21.

A world of new uses

The company is converting the traditional lease into a smart lease.

This asset which until now was dormant, is now being digitized to become an NFT and gaining value becoming tradable and liquid. The peculiarity of this process is that it includes a full non-payment guarantee, so the landlord will collect rent, whether the tenant pays or not.

It provides hitherto non-existent uses for leases, such as:

  • Buying and selling lease contracts.

These contracts can be traded through the Nash21 Marketplace, Opensea, one of the main markets in the NFT market, and Tokencity.

  • Collect rent by the day or week.

Whenever the owner wants without waiting for the end of the month.

  • Use the NFT as a method of payment or as collateral for loans.
  • Possibility to send the NFT of the contract or lease to a third person anywhere in the world.
  • Payment of future rents, sale of all or some months of the contract.

Token City Liquidity Solutions

Token City is the first aggregator of digital asset markets on the blockchain. It provides the complete technological infrastructure and expert advice for the comprehensive management of said assets, and facilitates financing alternatives for companies and greater liquidity for investors.

With blockchain technology, companies, asset managers, and investors improve their liquidity by creating their own digital asset markets.

Oknin, CEO of the company “With Nash21 entering our market, we are expanding the offer of high-quality digital assets for investors looking to invest in a new, more liquid digital format.”

Token City offers three types of clients:

  • Companies looking for new financing channels Token City makes available to them all the customized technology infrastructure so that they can be funded by issuing digital assets representing debt, capital, business benefits, etc. It offers its investors more attractive and liquid assets.
  • Asset managers or financial institutions that want to increase the efficiency of their operations as well as the attractiveness of their assets by finding liquidity solutions through the digitization of illiquid assets;
  • Global investors with access to a total and diversified offer of digital asset markets, created and managed by companies, principals, asset managers, etc.

About Nash 21

Founded in Spain in 2022 in Spain, its goal is to develop the real estate sector by granting leases – a dormant asset so far – new uses and democratizing investment in the real estate industry.

About Token City

The first Spanish market to invest in tokenized assets, where companies and asset managers create their own asset markets, traditionally illiquid, and investors have access to invest in said assets in digital, electronic security and liquid form.

Judicial alert Investing in crypto assets is unregulated, may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire amount invested may be lost.






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