Criptan and Bitgo will work on solutions to provide security and transparency

Both companies are joining efforts to implement new solutions that allow viewing the state of their clients’ funds

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular, but with this popularity comes a new set of concerns about security and transparency.

After the recent scandals of mishandling of user accounts by the FTX cryptocurrency platform, there are more and more voices warning of the need to find solutions that ensure proper management of crypto assets.

To meet these challenges, Kryptan The cryptocurrency platform is owned by the Joan Roig Investment Fund, along with BitGo, the leading multinational cryptocurrency security and custody company, has accelerated the new ways of working needed to detect inappropriate manipulation of its clients’ crypto wallets. This partnership will help ensure customer funds are transparent while providing greater security for cryptocurrency transactions.

The scandal surrounding FTXwhich has recently been exposed to the manipulation of funds in its users’ accounts, has questioned the transparency offered by cryptocurrency exchanges.

This incident highlights the need for more transparency in virtual wallets, as well as stricter regulations to protect investors.

European regulation project, the so-called MICA Actis the first step to providing legal coverage and improving trust on the part of individuals, companies and institutions.

Thanks to these developments, many international banks such as Deutsche Bank, Barclays or JPMorgan, along with other companies in the financial sector, have started providing tools to provide services around crypto assets to their clients.

The development of new solutions, such as the Criptan initiative and BitGo, seeks to provide additional transparency about the status of accounts and thus improve visibility into any fraudulent behavior or malicious activities.

Both companies are focused on improving the adoption and security of the crypto ecosystem, and this partnership is another step in that direction. A way to provide your clients with a secure view to always be in absolute control of cryptocurrency. By working together, both companies hope to make it easier for businesses and individuals to embrace cryptocurrency in their lives.

“The goal is to provide better security and control for businesses that rely on digital assets and build on our shared goal of making cryptocurrency adoption simpler and more secure,” said Joaquin Sastre, CEO of BitGo EMEA and LATAM.

“The current challenge is to be able to reassure the ecosystem and the entire industry to foster a climate of trust and hard work,” Sastre said.

“These issues are being solved by collaborating with companies committed to customer needs in order to drive public acceptance of digital assets together,” said Jorge Soriano, CEO and co-founder of Criptan.

He also points out,It is necessary to show accuracy and seriousness in services. It’s not just about doing things right, we have to go a step further and innovate so that the customer can check in on reliability at all times.«.

The current challenge for cryptocurrencies, given the current uncertain situation, is to find a solution that guarantees users that their funds are safe, either through machine learning algorithms or other advanced security measures.

Initiatives such as Criptan and BitGo can be key to giving greater trust to the ecosystem and more users will be able to confidently manage their digital assets and protect themselves from scams.

About BitGo

BitGo provides the most secure and scalable solutions for the digital asset economy, providing regulated custody, lending and infrastructure for investors and developers.

Founded in 2013, in the early days of cryptocurrency, BitGo pioneered the multi-signature wallet and later created TSS to enhance other companies’ MPC offerings. between multi-signature and TSS.

It offers the most secure technology on the market and protects more than 600 tokens on a variety of blockchains. Over the years, it has grown from offering wallets to providing a complete solution that allows clients to securely hold assets and then operate them.

Launched in 2018, BitGo Trust Company is a fully regulated and qualified cold storage solution to complement BitGo Inc.’s original hot wallet solution.

In 2020, it launched BitGo Prime, which allows its customers to trade, borrow, and lend to third parties at the same time. Moreover, BitGo also provides access to DeFi wallets, staking, NFT and other services.

It also serves as the sole global custodian of the WBTC token or also called “Wrapped Bitcoin”. Today, BitGo is a leading security, custody and liquidity company for digital assets, providing the operational backbone to more than 1,500 institutional clients in more than 50 countries, a roster that includes many regulated entities and cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

They also process nearly 20% of all global bitcoin transactions that are worth a bitcoin.

About Criptan

Criptan is a Spanish platform for the buying and selling of crypto assets and added services for the daily saving and use of cryptocurrencies located mainly in Spain and Latin America.

Accredited by the Bank of Spain, it holds ISO 27001 quality standards, while maintaining high requirements for the confidentiality and integrity of its customers’ information.

He has extensive experience and reputation in integrating payment gateways and accessing cryptocurrency services for businesses and individuals.

It has exclusive buying and selling services for the most robust and reliable cryptocurrency in the market. In 2021, it entered into its alliance with Mastercard to make payments using cryptocurrencies all over the world through its own card – CriptanCard.

In 2022, it launched stable cryptocurrency payout services to improve savings without relying on volatility or speculation.

Criptan, is a company that has the backing of investors from the stature of Ángel Corcostegui, former CEO of Banco Santander, Juan Roig, through his investment company Angels, as well as the family office of José María Castellano, former vice president and managing director of the textile group Inditex.

Judicial alert Investing in crypto assets is unregulated, may not be suitable for retail investors and the entire amount invested may be lost.






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